Review: 1 SwingThought Stickers

Keep it simple with "1 Swing Thought"
What happens when you are standing over the ball with 10 different thoughts running through your head?  Don’t grip too hard, don’t bend your elbow, make sure you swing from the inside, don’t go left, don’t go right, keep you feet still, etc… You barely end up being able to to make something that resembles a swing and the results are often terrible.  On the flip side, some of my best rounds have been when my head had the least thoughts running though it and I just swung the golf club.  Golfers can get stuck with a “paralysis by analysis.”  Sometimes even the pros can be seen worrying about the club position here or shot shape there; the golf swing can mess with their head too, When they get in their comfort zone, they just grip it and rip it.

The premise behind 1 Swing Thought stickers are to keep those thoughts focused on just one aspect of your swing and leave the others alone.  They believe that a simple 7 step approach to the swing with one focus thought will help any golfer hit better shots. 
1 Swing Thought offers 10 different wood stickers designed to help you either fix a slice, add more distance, or increase you accuracy.  Each Swing Thought sticker sheet comes with 3 stickers, 1 large one for a driver, a small one for a fairway wood and another small one for hybrid.

You don’t have to worry about damaging the paint on your driver, the stickers are easy to apply and peel right off if you want to remove them.  They held up nicely while on the club too.  After a couple rounds of a headcover going on and off the club, there was no corner lift or any issues with it coming off on its own.  I even switched out stickers as I was trying a couple of different models.

I started off with the Swing Eaassyy Sticker on my driver.  I used the big one right away to see how it would look and work.  There is no doubt you can see if.  It really then becomes the one swing thought that you will have as you swing.  It works!  I could feel myself swinging easily and releasing tension really did help with distance.  It didn’t always keep the ball in the fairway, but they were my longer drives.  While I liked the thought I’m not sure I really liked the sticker on my driver.  I’m not a big fan of even alignment aids on my driver so this was too much.  I tried a smaller one too, but still felt a little NASCAR on my driver.

Another sticker that came in my trial pack was the “ring the bell” sticker.  This one is much more visual than just words, it is designed to help avoid casting, but instead dropping the hands into the proper slot for a good swing.  I again liked the single swing thought it put in my mind and certainly did cause a better swing, but I still wasn’t sold on the big sticker on my driver.

The third set of stickers I tried were the “eyes on the ball”.  This was by far the best sticker for me; my game needs more accuracy and this one helped me focus on keeping my head down.  This is another picture sticker that shows a golfer keeping his head down while hitting the ball.  This worked really well too. 

I did find a solution that kept my eyes happy when looking down at the driver, yet still kept that one swing thought in my mind; it was to put the sticker on the sole.  The 1 SwingThought sticker takes a little beating on the underside (depending on where you put it), but it works for me.

1 Swing Thought is a very effective way to lower your scores, because it works.  What I really liked was the cards that come with the stickers that I kept in the glove box of my pushcart.  I would look at them before my shot and it really helped with my drives.  If you are a beginner to golf, these would be worth every penny.  They would help a new golfer focus on one thought rather than 20 different ones running through their head.  If you really have a bad habit that you can’t seem to break, then these would be a great tool to slap on your driver head and focus on the solution.

Another nice little feature of 1SwingThought are their online video lessons that correspond to each sticker thought.  They can be really helpful to visualize what the sticker is talking about.  These videos complete a really nice training aid package.

While I probably won’t have stickers on the crown my driver, I just don’t like the NASCAR look; I might keep one on the sole of my driver and for sure I will have the 1 Swing Thought card(s) in my bag.  If you don’t mind the stickers on your driver, they are great. Either way having only 1 Swing Thought is a great tool for better golf swings and lower scores.

For more information:

Quick Hits
+Easy to use
+Effective training aid
+Non-damaging removeable stickers
+White or black driver crown compatible
+Addresses different needs of golfers with 10 different stickers

–Prefer a clean driver crown.