10 Best Golf Training Aids 2023

Golf is one of the most technically challenging and demanding sports on the planet. To play your very best requires near-constant maintenance and countless repetitions.

Thankfully for you, we’ve compiled a list of the best golf training aids that can help your game stay on track.

Like all of our golf equipment reviews, we sorted through the endless number of training aids to ensure we found the best value products both we and our readers will benefit from the most.

Our favorite training aid of the 2023 golfing season is the Lag Shot 7 Iron for just how simple it is to use and the fact it trains tempo, rhythm, and proper swing mechanics simultaneously!



Lag Shot 7 Iron

  • 30-Day Risk-Free Money-Back Trial

  • Focuses on Swing Tempo & Swing Path

  • Forces Good Swing Mechanics with Instant Feedback

  • Transitions Into Normal Clubs Effortlessly



SuperSpeed Golf Training System

  • Incredibly Simple to Use

  • Not Time-Consuming

  • Near-Guaranteed Results

  • Trains Muscle Memory & Muscle Speed



GEM Golf Swing Trainer

  • Muscle Memory

  • Easy to Install and Use

  • Improves Rotation at Impact

10 Best Golf Training Aids Worth Your Money

  1. Lag Shot 7 Iron (Great for Swing Tempo, Rhythm, & Swing Plane)
  2. SuperSpeed Golf Training System (Golf Muscle Endurance & Swing Speed Trainer)
  3. GEM Golf Swing Trainer (Best Muscle Memory Trainer)
  4. Arccos Caddie App & Smart Sensors (Helps Every Golfer Strategize Scoring Better)
  5. PuttOUT Pressure Putt Trainer & Putting Mirror (Train Putting Stroke & Speed Simultaneously)
  6. Orange Whip Swing Trainer (Iconic Tempo & Swing Plane Golf Training Aid)
  7. FlightScope Mevo+ (Launch Monitor & Simulator In One)
  8. GolfForever Exercise Kit (Golf-Focused Exercise & WarmUp Equipment)
  9. PrimePutt Putting Mat (Premium Putting Mat)
  10. Pro-Stix Alignment Sticks (Training Aid Every Golfer Should Have)

Stick around after our individual training aid breakdowns, where we’ll discuss what features we pay attention to most when buying training aids and answer some of your most frequently asked questions about the best golf training aids on the market!

1. Lag Shot 7 Iron (Great for Swing Tempo, Rhythm, & Swing Plane)

Lag Shot 7 Iron

We put the Lag Shot 7 Iron to the test to make sure it’s actually worth its investment.

The Lag Shot was created to help players feel what an effortless, on-plane swing with an ideal tempo and rhythm feels like.

The club itself is a comfortable 7 iron length, loft, and lie angle, but it features an extra whippy shaft and a heavily weighted club head.

This super flexible shaft, combined with the extra weight in the club head, forces golfers to keep their swing on plane with a smooth tempo through the impact position to hit straight shots. Lag Shot says with just 10 swings a day, you will gain a better tempo, more consistent center contact, more speed, and straighter shots.

If you’d like to check out our hands-on review of the Lag Shot 7 Iron and the Lag Shot Driver and 54° Wedge, click here!



  • 30-Day Risk-Free Money-Back Trial

  • Focuses on Swing Tempo & Swing Path

  • Forces Good Swing Mechanics with Instant Feedback

  • Transitions Into Normal Clubs Effortlessly

  • Mid-Tier Price Point

2. SuperSpeed Golf Training System (Golf Muscle Endurance & Swing Speed Trainer)

SuperSpeed Golf Training System

As golf continues to evolve as a sport, one thing is becoming increasingly apparent every year. Speed and Distance make dominating a golf course much more manageable.

The SuperSpeed Golf Training System is helping over 600 Tour professionals gain more swing speed and distance using their innovative 3-club training method.

The SuperSpeed System contains three weighted clubs: “Light” Green Club, “Medium” Blue Club, and “Red” Heavy Club.

By swinging the “Light” club 10 times full-out speed, followed by the second heaviest and heaviest for 10 minutes 3 times a week, you’ll typically gain 5% of your swing speed for 10-30 more yards off the tee.

On top of that, you’re training your golf muscles to move faster and stay in shape with regular weekly maintenance for less fatigue during your rounds.

Check Out: SuperSpeed Golf Training System Review IndependentGolfReviews



  • Incredibly Simple to Use

  • Not Time-Consuming

  • Near-Guaranteed Results

  • Trains Muscle Memory & Muscle Speed

  • Premium Price Point

3. GEM Golf Swing Trainer (Best Muscle Memory Trainer)

The GEM Golf Swing Trainer is one of the best tools for helping golfers build muscle memory for proper rotation through the ball during the swing.  It is both easy to install and use. It will help both experienced golfers and beginners.

This simple training aid is made of 5 pieces and fits into any pocket of a golf bag or can be kept attached to a spare club in the office, garage or backyard.

The GEM Golf Swing Trainer takes only a few swings/minutes a day to improve your game.  While you can’t hit golf balls with the heavier weights, it still trains muscles for a better swing. It will fix your hooking or slicing the golf ball with just a couple swings a day.

The purchase of the GEM Golf Swing Trainer includes a printed instructional guide as well as online videos to guide your practice sessions.

Check Out: GEM Golf Swing Trainer Review



  • Relatively Inexpensive

  • Improves Swing Rotation

  • Training Instructions Included

  • Muscle Memory

  • Can't Hit Golf Balls with weights attached

4. Arccos Caddie App & Smart Sensors (Helps Every Golfer Strategize Scoring Better)

Arccos Caddie App & Smart Sensors

The Arccos Caddie App and Smart Sensors work, unlike most training aids, by providing instant feedback on your current golf swing’s ability and distance readings to more precisely plan your way around the golf course for lower scores.

By twisting in Arccos Sensors to the rear of the grip in every club in your golf bag (or installing “Arccos Smart Grips”), you’ll receive automatic shot data that syncs to the Arccos Caddie App that you can view on your phone or Apple Watch.

You can use the Caddie App for precise club selection on over 40,000 real golf courses, and it now uses simulation to show players their optimal strategy and predicted outcome for every shot they’ll face.

The Arccos App also provides incredibly personalized and scientific strokes gained/lost data for every club and category of the game after every round to help golfers plan their practice with more focus.

On top of all that, the Caddie App includes a rangefinder that provides real-time yardage adjustments for wind speed/direction, slope, temperature, humidity, and altitude.

Check Out: Arccos Smart Sensor (Gen 3+) & Link Review



  • Precise Club Data & Rangefinder & Strategy Tool In One

  • Highly Accurate

  • Insight You'd Never Know About Your Golf Game

  • Requires Annual Subscription & Up-Front Investment

5. PuttOUT Pressure Putt Trainer & Putting Mirror (Train Putting Stroke & Speed Simultaneously)

PuttOUT Pressure Putt Trainer & Putting Mirror

PuttOUT is a London-based golf company focused on helping you get your best performance on the greens.

Their devilishly difficult “Pressure Putt Trainer” was designed to help golfers focus on hitting the cup with perfectly paced speed. Its simple design returns “made” putts to the player the same distance it would have gone past the hole had it missed, and only putts of absolutely perfect speed will hold the micro-target in the center.

When you combine the Pressure Putt Trainer with another PuttOUT tool like the Putting Mirror and Gate, you can really take your flat stick performance to the next level.

The Putting Mirror teaches you where your shoulders and eyes should be, it has magnetic gates to go on the toe and heel of your putter head to force a clean, straight stroke, and it even has backstops for controlling the length of your backstroke.

The Putting Gate acts as a way to confirm your golf ball is starting its roll on your intended starting line. These tools, in combination, helped IGR’s product reviewer shoot his best scores yet!

Check Out:



  • Trains Putter Head Path/Putting Speed/Start Line

  • Engrains Proper Putting Muscle Memory

  • Great for Indoors or Outdoors

  • Mid-to-High Tier Investment

6. Orange Whip Swing Trainer (Iconic Tempo & Swing Plane Golf Training Aid)

Orange Whip Swing Trainer

The iconic “Orange Whip,” voted the “#1 Teaching and Training Aid by PGA Tour and LPGA Professionals,” was designed to help you keep your swing on plane, balanced, and powerful.

The Orange Whip works by loosening up your golf muscles and getting you ready to play its unique design featuring a weighted ball, a flexible shaft, and a counterweight in the butt end of the grip.

This design stretches every crucial muscle prone to injury and is used actively in the golf swing while forcing your tempo and rhythm to look like Ernie “The Big Easy” Els’ golf swing.

While swinging the club back and forth on the same tempo, you’ll immediately recognize if your mechanics or tempo are off because the weighted head will throw your body off balance and force you to stop the continuous motion.

You can use the Orange Whip pre-round to warm up and feel a great rhythm before you play, and you can use it between rounds to engrain the feeling of a perfect tempo with the body sequencing to match!



  • Great for Loosening Muscles and Training Muscle Memory

  • Teaches Proper Golf Swing Body Sequence

  • Incredibly Easy to Use

  • Can Be Kept in Golf Bag

  • Recommended for Golfers 5'6" and Above

7. FlightScope Mevo+ (Launch Monitor & Simulator In One)

FlightScope Mevo+

The FlightScope Mevo+ is one of the best and most accurate indoor and outdoor launch monitors and golf simulators on the market.

The Mevo+ works through a fusion of synchronized high-speed image processing and 3D Doppler Radar tracking to provide players with the most accurate and consistent swing data in all conditions.

This swing data includes over 20 metrics from the golfer’s full swing to chipping to even putting, like the wildly expensive launch monitor models.

On top of all the incredibly precise swing information you could want, the Mevo+ includes 10 simulator golf courses and 17 simulated driving range areas with skill-challenging games to keep you entertained indoors!

Coming Soon: Best Golf Launch Monitor 2023



  • Provides Accurate Full Swing Data

  • Works on Putting Green like Premium Models

  • Includes Simulator Capability

  • 10 Free Simulator Courses & 17 Driving Range Games

  • Most Expensive Training Aid On Our List

8. GolfForever Exercise Kit (Golf-Focused Exercise & WarmUp Equipment)

GolfForever Exercise Kit

The GolfForever Training System is the best tool to build mobility and strength into your golf game from anywhere, and it’s trusted World #2, Scottie Scheffler!

Purchase of the Exercise Kit includes:

  • An Asymmetrical Resistance Band Training Bar for strength, speed, and flexibility training.

  • Premium resistance bands with light and medium tension cords and two soft rubber handles.

  • An optimally-weighted heavy warm-up club with interchangeable weights that promotes thoracic mobility and pre-round muscle activation.

Use the tools by attaching them to any door or exercise equipment in your home and following along with the GolfForever App.

Once on the golf course, use the weighted warm-up club (2.5x the weight of your driver) to activate the proper muscles and engrain a smooth tempo.



  • Great Exercise Equipment Quality

  • Weighted Warm-Up Stick Like Other Picks Included

  • Instruction on App

  • Easily Portable for On-The-Go Training

  • Mid Tier Price Point

9. PrimePutt Putting Mat (Premium Putting Mat)

PrimePutt Putting Outdoor/Indoor Putting Green

The PrimePutt Putting Mat is perfect for golfers who want to simulate actual green speeds without having an eye-sore of a putting mat in their home.

Unlike most putting mats, the Prime Putt comes with a beautiful hardwood backstop and uniquely flat cups so that this is a very thin putting mat.

Sitting at a total length of 12 feet, the PrimePutt Putting Mat is ideal for dialing in those shorter putts that cause most golfers to lose strokes every round!

Our favorite parts of the PrimePutt Putting Mat have to be the cups which are very thin, yet replicate real cups on the course without needing the mat to be inches off the ground.

PrimePutt is our favorite putting mat in 2023 so it makes sense that it would be part of our top training aid list as well.  So much scoring happens on the greens, anything we can do to putt better will improve our scores.

Check Out: Best Indoor Putting Green 2023



  • 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

  • Non-Slip Bottom

  • Track Lines to Train Target Line

  • Automatic Ball Return

  • 2 Hole Sizes for Harder Putting Practice

  • Mid Tier Price Point

10. Pro-Stix Alignment Sticks (Training Aid Every Golfer Should Have)

Pro-Stix Alignment Sticks

The Pro-Stix Alignment Sticks are a great training aid for every golfer, regardless of skill level! Alignment sticks are like a routine check-up on your feet and shoulder alignment, and the Pro-Stix goes above and beyond most options.

The center of every Pro-Stix is marked with five golf ball-width lines to signify to players where the center of their stance is.

By training your eyes to recognize the center of your stance, you can have more precise ball positioning on the golf course and more consistency in your quality of strike.

The Pro-Stix are capped on both ends with rubberized tips to avoid scratching a club or your golf bag, but one end has a pointed tip to be easily planted into the ground for more in-depth swing drills!

On top of all that, the Pro-Stix are available in many colors, so you can make sure they match your sense of style and are easily identifiable compared to others.

Check Out: Best Golf Alignment Sticks 2023



  • Most Inexpensive Training Aid On Our List

  • Fits in Golf Bag

  • Many Colors

  • Marked Lines to Signal Center of Stance

  • Pointed End for Ground Insertion

  • None

Top Golf Training Aids Buyers Guide: Types of Golf Swing Trainers

There are a few things you should consider when trying to find the best golf training aid for your golf game.

Rule #1. Define Your Goals

While we wish there were a “cure-all” type of training aid out there, in reality, nearly every training aid focuses on one specific part of your golf game.

It’s crucial that you know exactly what you’re hoping to accomplish or get better at when purchasing a training aid so you can set accurate goals and not experience buyer’s remorse!

For example:

Golf Swing Plane Trainers

Have you been told your swings are “too steep” or that you should focus on getting your swing “on the plane?” If that’s the case, you’re being told that one of the paths your club travels on (either during the backswing or the down-swing) isn’t in the correct place for consistent results.

Luckily, we’ve included the best golf training aids for the swing plane, like the LagShot and GEM Golf.

Ball Speed & Swing Speed Trainers

Are you looking for more distance off the tee or with every club? If that’s the case, you should consider one of the “Speed-Focused” golf training aids on our list, like the SuperSpeed Golf Training System.

Strength & Flexibility Trainers

Are you tired of pulling muscles after strenuous golf days or looking to build muscle in the right areas to play your best? If so, consider some of our strength and flexibility-focused training aids like the Orange Whip, or the GolfForever Exercise Kit.

Putting Trainers

Everyone could afford to knock a few strokes off from their putting total every round. If you want to increase your putting skills, consider one of the excellent options on our list, like the PuttOUT Pressure Putt Trainer & Putting Mirror or the PrimePutt Putting Mat.

Launch Monitors & Strategy Training Aids

If you’re hoping to learn more about your tendencies with each club and are looking to maximize your current potential, consider a highly in-depth launch monitor like the FlightScope MEVO+, or consider the Arccos Caddie App & Smart Sensors that will help you plan and plot your way around the course for lower scores!

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Golf Training Aids 2023

What do the pros use to practice putting?

While most professional golfers have many ways of practicing putting, we’ll list a few of the most common things we’ve seen on the practice greens from attending professional events over the years.

Putting Practice Training Aids for Pro Golfers

  • Putting Mirror – Checks head, eyes, and shoulder positioning to remain consistent.

  • Gate for Putter Head and Gate for Golf Balls – Checks putter is moving on a solid and consistent path and checks to make sure the golf ball is starting on its intended line.

  • Putting Mats – Dustin Johnson says he uses his Perfect Practice Putting Mat before and after every round to ensure his stroke is consistent.

  • Chalk Line – Chalk lines give the golfer a visual indicator of their starting line and create positive feedback when used appropriately.

  • Endless Putting Drills From Coaches

Can you use a training aid during a round of golf?

The rules around training aids in golf are interesting.

From the Director of Rules and Competitions for the Florida State Golf Association, “No, Rule 4.3a(6) restricts using a training aid during the round. This includes alignment rods, swing weights, and devices to help swing plane, grip, posture, and ball position. It would be okay to pull out your alignment rod and use it to stretch, but do not check your alignment or use it in a practice swing.”

You can use training aids before and after your round, but you can’t keep it in your golf bag for your round if it has a club head on it (like the LagShot 7 Iron).  If it doesn’t have a club head on it, you can keep it in the bag, but you still can’t use it during the round.

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