Review: '16 iliac Golf - Lifestyle Apparel

iliac is more than just golf apparel
There is no doubt you have heard the brand’s name and recognize the iconic “i” logo of iliac Golf.  Just the same for the man behind the crimson shield, Bert LaMar.  For over a decade, iliac golf has earned tenure in the premium golf apparel category.  A position that is difficult to withstand the test of time.  Although he’s had a seasoned cadre of touring professionals on his apparel staff, iliac is probably even better known on the PGA Tour for their classic leather head covers.  If you walk into some of the most elite country clubs around the country, you’ll probably find some selections from iliac Golf. 
I have worn iliac apparel for the past five years.  Whenever I am on the range warming up prior to a round of golf, someone always comments on the unique design of iliac Golf.  Since 2005, iliac has maintained a high-end portfolio of designs that have been progressively imitated by other brands.  As the saying goes, perhaps it is the highest form of flattery or more appropriately stated, validation.

In 2014, LaMar started to introduce some lifestyle pieces into his design offerings.  While it has become a popular trend by some brands to offer universal pieces that can be worn both on and off the golf course, iliac Golf is doing things different.  They are offering a separate and distinct line of apparel that is specifically designed for off-course wear. 

iliac’s lifestyle designs seem to have influence from a variety of sources.  A little from their golf line, some southern California casual surf wear, some athleisure, and a lot of LaMar …just plain awesome and no one else offers it.  This past month, I had the opportunity to take a closer look at some new pieces from the iliac Golf lifestyle collection.

5 Pocket Pants – Black Onyx Stretch Denim

As the name suggests, the Black Onyx Stretch Denim are at the core, designed to be a pair of jeans.  They are constructed from what iliac describes as a “raw finish fabrication” which is a blend of denim, stretch, elastomer, and texture.  Off the rack and in the hands, it’s definitely unique feel and look.  It’s not until you get them on your legs that you realize they are truly something different.

The Black Onyx Stretch Denim pants are THE most comfortable pair of jeans you’ll ever slip on.  They fit like a pair of tailored dress pants with side entry front pockets. They have the feel of jeans, the look and appearance of dress pants, with the comfort of workout pants.  Although LaMar has designed these fit into the lifestyle category, I can say without reservation that these can be worn on the golf course as well.

It may come as a surprise to most, but I am not a PGA touring professional nor am I a club pro.  I might look like a sports model, but I hit the ball sideways on occasion.  As a result, I can wear shorts in the summer, and do so with regularity.  However, I reside in Minnesota, and when I wear pants, it’s usually because its cooler outside.  One of my biggest complaints with golf specific pants in that they are designed for professionals that always wear pants on the golf course.  During the summer, in extreme heat.  The iliac Stretch Denim pants would be perfectly suited for spring in summer rounds where temperatures drop below 50 degrees.  There is not one person that would think you’re wearing jeans.  The iliac Stretch Denim fit true to size and have a tailored appearance.  MSRP: $220

Surfer T – Cartpath Grey
This t-shirt offering from iliac golf is far from ordinary.  Made from tech fabric which include antimicrobial properties, this shirt is a versatile piece in any wardrobe.  The Surfer T can be worn alone on the town, as a nice layering piece, or even as workout gear.  The Surfer T is cut to a tailored fit, so if you like some room, you’ll want to go up one size.  To date, it’s best fitting, best looking, and best feeling t-shirt in my drawer.  MSRP: $86

The Chiller – Quarter-Zip Hoodie Black Bamboo Stretch

The Chiller is probably the most comfortable and best looking quarter-zips I have ever owned.  Positioned in the lifestyle category, The Chiller can and should be worn on the golf course.  The fit and feel of The Chiller is unmatched.  Designed with a tailor fit to sit close to the body, The Chiller is made from a fabrication of bamboo, which is said to offer a calming effect.  Whether that has merit or not doesn’t really matter, this piece from the lifestyle collection is as versatile as they come.  A quarter-zip, a hoodie, thin yet warm, it’s an absolutely perfect design when temps call for a little more.  MSRP: $195