Review: SPY ZINGER's 2016 Spring Apparel Lookbook

I have been covering soft lines in golf since 2012.  Since that time, I have struggled with how to present the content to my audience.  Through observation and feedback, I have discovered that golfers aren’t interested in reading paragraphs about new golf clothes.  They’re also not interested in seeing professionally staged or rendered images of apparel pieces.  Over time, I have found that readers just want to hear about the fit and most importantly, how the outfit looks on a regular guy in the golf setting.

Golf apparel is released in two primary seasons: Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter.  I have coordinated with the golf apparel companies to bring you a Spring and Fall “Look Book.”  The purpose is to preview the latest fashion and trends in the golf apparel segment of the industry.  I attempt to present the brands in complete outfits so readers can get a feel for the style and look for the given fashion season.

The 2016 Spring Golf Apparel Look Book is my inaugural edition for Independent Golf Reviews.  It’s clear that golf is trending away from the stereotypical “golf uniform” of yesterday.  Lifestyle and Athleisure continue to be emerging trends as golf apparel continues to mirror mainstream fashion.  It’s my hope you enjoy this Spring presentation and welcome your feedback moving onward through the golf apparel landscape together.  Soft goods are a passion of mine, and consider this a true pleasure to present the latest trends in golf.  

A special thanks to the Eagle Valley Golf Course in Woodbury, MN for allowing me to occupy their clubhouse in the creation of this editorial.

Height: 5’11”
Weight: 185
Chest: 44”
Waist: 33”
Shirt Size: L
Pant Size: 34×34”


Antigua has been around for the past 36 years and has been rooted in the golf apparel market.  With a solid stable of touring professionals on their staff, Antigua is the cornerstone of reliable consistency with each apparel season.  Over the past five years, they have remained progressive in both styling and fabric technology.  Antigua has remained one of my favorite “quiet” brands over the years.  Recently, they have stepped up their athleisure presence and can compete with anyone in this segment.

Compete Polo: $56 – Ellis Shorts: $60 – Split 1/4 Zip: $60 – Golf Jacket: $80

Callaway Golf Apparel

Callaway is a one of a few companies left that focus all of their energy and resources on the game of golf.  Licensed by Perry Ellis International, Callaway offers a full line-up of apparel with consistent release cycles.  Believe it or not, this was my first look at Callaway apparel and I was left impressed with the quality of the brand as well as the depth of the line.  From varying fabric technologies, to premium fabric, to athletic wear, Callaway is a serious contender in soft lines.  They do a fantastic job combining contemporary and classic which is not surprising considering the respected Perry Ellis portfolio.  One note to consider when ordering their products if you’re ordering online, they fit about a full size and a half larger than normal.  I typically wear a large in shirts, ordered a medium, and could have fit into a small.

Golf Performance Embossed Chest Color Block Polo: $70 – Outlast 1/4 Zip Pullover: $70 – Heather Stripe Tech Shorts: $70

Opti-Stretch Heathered Polo: $60 – Wool Sweater: $90 – Opti-Stretch Classic Tech Pant: $75

Carnoustie Sportswear

The first thing that comes to mind whenever I pick up a piece from Carnoustie is “country club.”  Carnoustie continues in their tradition of offering classically designed luxury golf apparel.  The difference that sets Carnoustie apart is the fabric.  The Palmer Trouser is constructed of Super 120’s Italian wool, while the Merino sweater, as the name suggests is 100% merino wool.  Carnoustie is a line of soft goods that can be transitioned right into the office without missing a step.  Quality, luxury, and classically designed sportswear for those looking to wear some of the best in golf.  Carnoustie shirts, sweaters, and outwear fits about one size larger than normal.

Multi Strip Performance Polo: $88 – The Merino Fancy Sweater: $210 – Heather Grey Palmer Trouser: $325

The Jones Pullover: $99

Devereux Golf

Devereux Golf has come a long way since they first launched at the PGA Fashion Show in Las Vegas three years ago.  As their byline suggests, they remain Proper Threads, but they’re not just a golf apparel company anymore.  Their latest launch, Collection 72 can be found Nordstrom.  The addition of line options below the waist were done just as thoughtfully as their shirts and sweaters.  Like many boutique brands in golf, they’re selections are just as appropriate during time spent away from the game.  The office, a night on the town, or a tee time on Saturday morning, Devereux has proven they belong in the luxury sportswear category.  Quite literally, their apparel surprised me this time around.  The fit, finish, and quality of their shorts/pants are a complement to the brand and worthy of notice.  The Cole, Haimes, Martin, combination were my pick for the favorite outfit of the 2016 spring season. 

Cole Polo: $75 – Haimes Sweater: $145 – Martin Shorts: $88

Andrew Polo: $75 – Prescott Pants: $120

Nike Golf

Over the past year, Nike golf has repositioned their golf apparel focus.  If you walk on to their trailer on the PGA Tour, you’ll find they refer to their professional staffers as “athletes.”  It’s in that spirit that they are designing their golf apparel.  Functional for the athletic movements found in the game.  Nike is progressing toward the balance of golf apparel and athletic sportswear.  It’s no secret their tier one endorsers, Tiger and Rory, are proponents of resistance training in the game.  This has influenced the direction of the designs from Nike in 2016 and forward.  With tailored fits, compression fabrics, collarless designs, and technical construction Nike golf apparel inspires the feeling of performance before you even arrive on the first tee.

MM Fly Blade Polo: $90 – Modern Fit Washed Pants: $90

Hyperadapt Aerolayer Jacket: $220

MM Fly Shawl Polo: $90 – Flex Knit Half Zip: $120 – Hyperwarm Golf Tights: $60 – Dri-FIT Flat Front Woven Golf Shorts: $75

Ping Golf

For the past several years, Ping Golf apparel has be operating under a licensing agreement.  In January 2016, the company re-launched the apparel in the United States under company ownership and direction.  Their global in-house design team is located in Cheadle, England.  “With a sharper, more defined silhouette, we set out to design a new collection with one thing in mind; create beautiful garments engineered to play the game of golf.”  This new face of Ping golf apparel is exceptionally done, from design to quality, their apparel is on par with the performance of their equipment.  Ping apparel by name is not new, but the relaunch is my favorite new brand of 2016.

Bancroft Polo: $79 – Blakey Short: $79

Largo 1/2 Zip: $79 – Wes Polo: $89 – Blakey Short: $79


Puma Golf is a reliable constant in the soft goods side of golf.  With each launch cycle you can depend on Puma to deliver progressive designs, bold colors, and trends that will satisfy the millennials in your foursome.  If you haven’t purchased anything from Puma over the past year, you’ll want to pay attention to the nomenclature of the new fit offerings, “Performance and Tailored.”  Performance fit is designed to be slightly wider in the shoulders, chest and sleeves to allow for plenty of room during the golf swing.  As a result, the Performance fit is about a size larger than you’re typically used to with Puma.  Their Tailored fit is what you have some to expect from Puma, but refined.  The cut is leaner through the chest, shoulders, and sleeves however, the fabric continues to stretch and move so it’s not restrictive.

#GOTIME Road Map Polo: $70 – PWRWARM 1/4 Zip Popover: $75 – Golf Tech Shorts: $60

Key Stripe Polo: $65 – Tailored Elevation Golf Pants: $120 – Storm Golf Jacket: $160 – IGNITE Spikeless Shoes: $120