Spring 2017 Golf Apparel LookBook

​It happens twice a year.  The apparel LookBook from iGolfReviews.  Our own, @SPYZINGER assembles some of the most respected names in golf apparel and displays the “looks” for the season.  This isn’t a review or an opportunity for Zinger to demonstrate the benefits of a rigorous weight-training regimen; it’s about displaying the latest trends when the fairway is your runway.  So, have a look at the book.  What are your favorite styles this season? 

Once again, a special thanks to our venue host, Eagle Valley Golf Course in Woodbury, MN.  

​Images captures by the talented, Beth Coburn.

Alial Fital

Since their introduction into the golf apparel space in 2011, Alial Fital has remained one of my favorite brands in the game.  The 2017 collection is without question, their strongest collection to date.  Gibran Hamden has knocked it out of the park this year with his designs and depth to his portfolio.  Hamden builds on his limited edition tradition of offering only 100 pieces in each polo.  With over 1,000 customer reviews, Hamden has a loyal following of Alial Fital fanatics. 
New for 2017 is the Stand Apart electronic magazine from Alial Fital.  The publication highlights fashion, travel, design and sport.  It’s a fresh look inside Hamden’s creative mind and eye for emerging trends.
This look is classic Alial Fital.  The solid navy polo with performance fabric is contrasted with the plaid purple and white collar.  The Super Navy Performance Pant maintains a slimmer profile without looking skinny.  Like their name suggests, they are super comfortable and easily worn off the golf course.  Dew sweepers will appreciate the water repellency built into their construction.  This 2017 iGR look is completed with Staff Charcoal zip-up layering piece for those cooler spring mornings.  As always with Alial Fital, you’ll stand apart.

Sound Color Navy Polo: $95
Super Navy Performance Pant: $135
Staff Charcoal Zip-Up: $155

Bradley Allan

​I was first introduced to Bradley Allan apparel at the 2016 PGA Fashion Show in Las Vegas this past summer.  The story behind Bradley Allan lies within the cut and fit of their apparel.  Bradley Allen has a uniquely tailored look designed to contour the body without appearing uncomfortably snug.  Bradley Allan combines both natural and performance fabrics, eliminating the tech fabric shine.  As a result, this blend of fabrics combined with the tailored look produce apparel that functions well both on and off the golf course.
The 2017 iGR look is quintessentially spring with the mint Oxford Pique Pocket Polo paired with the tan Stretch Gabardine pants.  The pants almost have a weightless linen feel to them that stretch when you need them too.  The look is finished off with the Merino quarter-zip that is as soft as they come.  Another look that transitions perfectly from the office to the first tee.

Oxford Pique Pocket Polo-Izote: $89
Stretch Gabardine Pant-Lunar: $94
Merino Quarter-Zip Sweater-Graphite: $109


​Devereux entered the golf space about four years ago.  They defined themselves as a lifestyle brand of apparel that eliminated the “golf uniform” look.  In their initial launch, they seemed to perfect the cotton golf shirt with just enough technical fabric so ironing would be unnecessary.  Their classically styled pallet incorporates a blend of modern design elements.
The golf apparel segment can be a brutal market for upstart brands.  However, Devereux offered something for golf that wasn’t available in big-box retailers.  Devereux is collection that has cross-venue application and continues to expand their line.

The story coming out of Devereux this season is the Cruiser Hybrid shorts.  They’re almost the perfect combination of construction, tailoring, and length.  The Cruiser Hybrid shorts are made with quick-dry fabric and mesh pockets.  As a result, you can wear these on land and in water.  The Cruiser Hybrid shorts are one of my favorite pieces this season and pair well with this outfit from Devereux.

Cameron Polo-White/Waves: $85
James Pullover-Navy: $100
Cruiser Hybrid Shorts: $75

Galvin Green

​Galvin Green is the undisputed king of wet weather outerwear.  This past fall, the Ryder Cup was held in my back yard and Galvin Green was the official supplier of outerwear to the European Ryder Cup team.  If you are playing in some of the harshest elements, Galvin Green is going to keep you warm and dry.  The Swedish company prides themselves on their relationship with Gore-Tex and is widely recognized as the premium product in this category.  Heading to Bandon Dunes or Scotland for a trip of a lifetime?  Look no further for your wet weather gear.
In addition to their Gore-Tex outwear, Galvin Green has a full line of golf specific apparel.  Galvin Green is known for their bold colors, tailored European cuts, and fabric that permits unrestricted movement during the golf swing.  These styling trends in their outerwear blend right into the rest of their apparel line.  Quality construction, premium materials, and slim profiles done perfectly.

Mitchel Polo Ventil8-Stee grey/White : $90
Noah Trousers Trousers Ventil8-Iron Grey: $90
Burton Bodywarmer-Steel grey: $160

Puma Golf

Puma is that brand you can recognize from one fairway over.  The bold colorways, trendy selections have broad spectrum appeal across gender and age categories.  Blair, Greg, Lexy, Rickie, Jesper, and the rest of their tour staff speak to the Puma appeal regardless of age, shape, or gender.  Season after season, Puma does not fall short in providing a full line of golf specific apparel.  New for 2017, Puma is launching a more traditional, even Hoganesque, line of golf apparel inspired by Bryson DeChambeau.
Over the past few years, Puma Golf has really focused on improving their golf shoe line.  The brought on, Grant Knudson, and like his tagline states on Twitter, “I make shoes happen at Puma Golf.”  Their IGNITE line with DISC closure technology can compete with just about any golf shoe on the market with respect to performance and comfort.

Tailored Pocket Stripe Polo-Peacoat: $70
V-Neck Sweater-Black Heather: $80
Essential Pounce Pant-Peacoat: $80
Reversible Web Belt-Peacoat Quarry: $20
Ignite Spikeless Sport Disc Golf Shotes-Peacoat: $120