PREVIEW: '18 Spring Apparel Lookbook

It’s that time of year, iGR readers, the first edition of our bi-annual LookBook.  We’re excited about the looks this season, and we always enjoy presenting the latest trends in golf fashion.  Our own, Leah Gruber from Platinum Tees in Las Vegas, had some exciting news over the winter and was crowned Miss Bikini America!  Congrats to Leah and her dedication to her passion.  Another special thank you to Eagle Valley Golf Course in Woodbury, Minnesota, as well as Beth Coburn from BC Fotos for bringing this season’s shoot to life.

​It’s an interesting time in soft lines for golf. I have been told by a number of industry insiders that the space is largely oversaturated.  If you walk the floor at the two major trade shows in golf, it doesn’t take long to understand what I am talking about.  It seems for the past six-years, startup boutique brands have been showing up as consistently as bogeys on my scorecard.
Some have stood the test of time while still making a go of it. Iliac is one of those that comes to mind.  Some have went more mainstream rather than completely golf specific like Devereux. Others like IJP Design and Whet Apparel have closed the doors after a short tenure. I used to believe that “Lifestyle” brands were trending to change the look of golf apparel.  Looking back, I am wondering if this was a movement designed as a safety valve for broad spectrum appeal rather than fashion evolution in the game.  
Another interesting transition afoot is that two of the largest apparel brands in golf, Nike and Adidas, no longer have an equipment side to their golf portfolio.  Now, tour professionals can leverage deals with these apparel giants without contractual conflicts.  Pay to play will always be more prevalent with the brands that have the deepest pockets.
Whatever the future holds for golf apparel, we’ll be here to cover it.  In just a few short months, we’ll be heading back to the PGA Fashion Show in Las Vegas.  iGR is one of only a short list of golf media to cover this event, so be sure to come back for exclusive coverage from this year’s show at The Venetian. Until then, sit back, relax, and enjoy the latest offerings in apparel right their natural environment! 

​The Ultimate 365 Collection from Adidas Golf is a line of apparel designed with a purpose. Adidas believes if a player buys just one piece from this line, they’ll be inclined to make repeat purchases throughout the line. The line is designed to appeal to both the younger and older generation.  Designed with more stretch in the waist, silicone shirt grippers, and water resistance, the 3-Stripes shorts are some of the best I’ve worn.  Adidas continues to be an industry leader in golf apparel and this season’s offerings are some of their best yet.  Get your DJ on!   

Ultimate365 Merch Stripe Polo: $65
Rangewear A-Line Skort: $65
UPF ½ Zip Pullover: $65
Response Bounce Shoes: $85

Ultimate365 Heather Stripe Polo: $80
Ultimate365 3-Stripes Short: $65
Classic Club ¼ Zip Pullover: $75
Webbing Belt: $30

Lead by Chief Designer, Lulu Faddis, Chase54 is one of those independent labels that has come a long way since their inception.  They’re also one of the few brands in the game that has total in-house control.  They research, design, and manufacture on their own.  They know their brand inside and out.  The quality and construction of their fabric and designs can compete with anything in the industry.  They’re one brand that lives up to their name, chasing perfection in everything they produce.

Thrive ½ Zip: $84
Splendor Pants: $74
Falls Pullover: $92

Arid Shirt: $64
Lagoon Skirt: $80

Pixel Polo: $73
Meta Shorts: $76
Landing Jacket: $115

Callaway Golf has been around since 1982 but their apparel dates back 40 years to 1978.  That’s when Perry Ellis started his own fashion house, Perry Ellis International in New York.  Today, all Callaway Golf apparel is manufactured under licensing with Perry Ellis. This years Opti-Dri Refinded Stripe polo is probably one of my favorite shirts ever produced by Callaway.  Although it is constructed from 95% polyester and 5% elastane, it feels like 100% cotton.  Very soft, and lightweight, while easily one of my favorite shirts in the closet.  As always with Callaway Apparel, you’ll want to go down at least one size from normal.

Opti-Dri Chev Infused Polo: $45
All Day Skort: $65
Cooling Sun Protection Mock Neck ¼ Zip: $80

Opti-Dri Refined Stripe Polo: $70
Lightweight Stretch Tech Short: $70
Thermal Heathered Waffle ¼ Zip: $70

​Headquartered in New York City, the Greg Norman Collection operated under the Tharanco Lifestyles holding company.  Much like their namesake, Greg Norman was ranked the world number one golfer for 331 weeks, second only to Tiger Woods.  As consistent as he was, the Greg Norman Collection has remained just as consistent in apparel.  Since 1992, Greg Norman has offered elegantly styled designs that have evolved into one of the most recognized and iconic logos in the game. Both the men’s and woman’s collections are cut generously.  If you prefer more of a tailored fit, always go one size down from normal.

MK 75 Athena Sleeveless Polo: $66
Porcelian Knit Wrap Skort: $80
¼ Zip Long Sleeve Tulip Neck: $60
Animal Instincts Faux Leather Jacket: $119

Solar XP ¼ Zip Stripe Mock: $80
Porcelian Knit Wrap Skort: $80

Weatherknit Dew Polo: $76
Hybrid Gold Coast Heather Short:$70
Weatherknit Rain Jacket: $100

ML75 Foulard Print Polo: $70
Foreward Series Brisbane Chino Short: $70

​If asked to choose one word to describe Puma Golf, it would be “fresh.”  There is always something new coming out of Aston Avenue in Carlsbad.  Puma Golf is one of the industry leaders in apparel innovation and style.  I am not sure what they’re doing, but their sizing and cuts always fit me the best. For many years, Puma has been one of my favorite apparel brands in golf.  The construction, colorfastness, and longevity of the product, combined with the fit, has kept me coming back for years.  With the inception of PWRADAPT, their shoes are the most comfortable in the game.  If you have not looked at Puma shoes in the last two years, it is time to have another look. The folks at Puma are doing things right and show no sign of slowing down.

¼ Zip Popover: $65
PWRSHAPE Pull On Pant: $80
IGNITE Blaze Sport Disc Shoes: $120

Pique Polo: $55
PWRSHAPE Pleated Skirt: $75
DuoCell Visor: $22

Road Map Golf Polo: $65
Essential Pounce Short: $65
PWRWARM Bonded ¼ Zip: $80
Untralite Stretch Belt: $26
IGNITE PWRADAPT Golf Shoes: $150

​If “funnest” was a word, it would describe Swannies golf apparel. They’re like a party company around an apparel brand.  This year, they are hosting 17, 9-hole scramble events around the United States.  Instead of warming up on the driving range, participants warm up at a pub and ride a party bus over to the course.  The party continues around golf, games and of course, Swannies gear.

Martin Polo: $56
Lakes Rain Jacket: $79