REVIEW: 18Birdies App

Is It The Most Complete Golf App?
There are 1000s of golf apps that you can download to your phone.  You maybe even have a bunch of them already in use.  What if there was an app that could pretty much do it all so you wouldn’t need multiple apps; one for your rangefinder, one for tournaments, one for scoring, one for stats and one for social media? 18Birides is one of the most complete golf apps that can pretty much do it all.  They have deep pockets supporting this app and have created a platform that is both fun, useful and can benefit your game.
18Birdies has made a splash with the involvement of Ernie Els, Paige Spiranac, and Scott McNealy.  These well known backers and spokespersons have been able to drive 700,000 golfers to 18Biridies in just over a years time.  Because of this significant backing, power and well designed app, 18Birdies has some great features worth checking out.

This is where you will spend most of your time and energy in 18Birdies.  Once you download and set up the app, go to the course and hit play.  You will have many different options as to how you want to use the app, but one of the free features is the GPS.  It is one of the best GPS apps you can use.  The graphics are super clear, easy to navigate and yardages pop up quickly.  From here you can set up tournaments or games for you and your buddies, you can keep track of your score.  If you step up to the premium membership you can  get shot tracking, suggested distances and clubs as well as collecting stats for every shot that you can use later for analyzing your game. The Caddy+ feature is amazing as it helps you play the hole based on your clubs and skills as well as the wind and elevation.   All the information is great, it does however take a fair amount of energy and thought to use the app on every shot.  Once you get in the habit, it comes somewhat natural, but be aware your phone will be in your hand all 18 holes.

If you want to dig deep into the stats of your game, this is the tab for you.  If you’ve tracked all your shots during each round, it will now show you numerous charts about your game.  You can figure out where you are strong and where you are weak; if you didn’t know this already.  It will track your club distances too so you can have a more accurate idea of how far you hit each club, not just a guess.  Keeping track of your progress and keeping all your scorecards in one place is nice too.

18Birdies has also secured many giveaways to keep you interested and engaged to use this app.  There are some cool trips and amazing giveaways on 18Biridies.  As you collect Golf Bucks, you can use them as entry fees for DreamGames meaning the more you play golf and use 18Birides, the more opportunities you’ll have to win.

18Biridies created their own sort of “social media” with the Feed/Community tabs on the app.  It has a similar look as other social media outlets.  You can see the general 18Biridies Public feed  or you can set your own community of buddies and see what everyone else is doing.  This has potential for private groups to really enjoy just their friends without all the chatter found on other social media platforms.  I would however like to see a little more integration of other social media platforms into 18Biridies so that you can get the best of both worlds.

18Biridies calls themselves “The Most Complete Golf App” and I’d have to agree.  It is pretty impressive what they’ve packing into one app.  They certainly make an app that can do it all.  It works very efficiently and easily.  The GPS is super clear and easy to navigate and the Caddy+ feature of the premium membership is very valuable.  It does take significant user input, but it certainly has the power to change your game and your interaction with other golfers.  If you are looking for just one golf app, 18Birdies is the most complete.

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Quick Hits
+Easy navigation
+Excellent GPS
+Premium Caddy+ feature is great
+Tournaments, games, and groups are great for buddies
+DreamGames giveaways are amazing

–Takes lots of user input

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