REVIEW: 2019 PGA Show

iGolfReviews took the Taylormade approach to the 2019 PGA show.  While we know there is value in attending the show and connecting with golf companies; time, budget and return on investment were taken into consideration this year and we opted to skip the show for one year.  However that doesn’t mean we didn’t have some feet on the ground and some eyes and ears on the pulse of the 2019 PGA show.  T_Fity attended the show as part of his day job, so we were able to get some great coverage.  Here is his recap of the state of the PGA show 2019. His week was full of information and insights into the products we will see in many golfers hands this year. Just about every company touts the newest product as the latest in Technology, so let’s take a quick look at some highlights from the show.
Winner of the best product not a golf club – The new PRO XE Laser Range Finder has incorporated Slope measurements which now include Temperature and Altitude to give you the most precise measurements ever.

Two putter lines have been updated this year to include new shapes and classic updates. The Studio Stock has a FIT face 20% deeper for a soft feel on fast greens. The Queen B line up has been refreshed with a few new looks and the familiar Micro Honeycomb Milled face.

Building on the very successful e6 golf ball, the new e12 is introduced to take the affordable ball into the expensive performance level (without the price tag).

Flash Face is the big announcement for Callaway this year, but certainly there are lots of things we will talk about this year. Created by an Artificial Intelligence supercomputer, Flash Face is modeled and tested in a virtual world with all the restrictions needed to keep the new clubs conforming to the USGA. The computer is self learning, so it can test designs much faster than previously done. We have already seen positive results of the new Epic Flash and I’m sure they are only getting started.

Cobra delivered a CNC Milled Face to a driver last year and it continues this year with the Speedback F9. Why CNC Milled? Because it makes the face 5 times more precise than a non-milled face. The new MIM Wedges look to have promise, so keep an eye on that technology to be reviewed soon as well.

Long known as the most played and winningest shaft on tour, the new Ventus shaft will make a serious statement both on tour and in the aftermarket shaft game. With VeloCore, a new high modulus carbon fiber, strength runs the entire length of the shaft producing amazing numbers for center and non center hits.

Graphite Design
The reviews are coming in (and already up for reading here on @igolfreviews) and they are all saying the same thing – the Tour AD VR shaft is a hit. Adding to the popular IZ line up, we will see a hybrid shaft being introduced this spring.

Long known for some of the best irons in the game, Mizuno is looking to add to that storied history and add a few new items to try. The biggest news on new equipment is the RB Tour golf ball. Two versions, one with less spin, will find its way to a tee soon. Don’t sleep on the revamp of the metal woods either, an industry leader in golf technology, give them a shot in a fitting when looking to update the big stick.

Ping has introduced the first moveable weight technology in the G410 Plus for better fitting options. It has also waited until the PGA show to display this new product to the world which is kind of cool since most everyone else had released their new gear prior to the show.  The new fairway woods, crossover and irons all look to improve upon Ping’s success of the G400 line.

Titleist and Scotty Cameron
Always one of the best booths at the PGA show didn’t disappoint again this year with the introduction of the new ProV1 as well as the yellow version.  Scotty Cameron also had his typical cool display of putters and covers, as well as being there in person.

Building on the success of Driver vs. Driver 2, Wilson launched a new line-up of clubs from game improvement to players irons.  The new Duo Pro looks like a real winner too.  Wilson could be the in for a great 2019.

BubbaWhips, Clicgear, Jones, New Level, Stitch, Swag, Waggle,  Etc.

Here are some pics from our other favorite companies at the 2019 PGA show