Review: 2nd Swing Tour Van Fitting Center

The Best Fitting Center has a Secret

There are fitting centers all across the US.  Every respectable golf shop offers some form of fitting.  Every club manufacturing offers brand specific fitting.  There are even high end fitters scattered here and there around the country.  The Tour Van at 2nd Swing might just have a little secret that makes them THE best fitting center.

Many people in the Twin Cities are familiar with 2nd Swing Golf shop.  They offer one of the largest collections of new and used clubs for sale.  Their 2 stores have racks upon racks of previously swung clubs at a reduced price.  If you are looking for something, they probably have it or can get it.  While the stores are nice, they don’t really have a high end feel to them; they feel more like “warehouse” shopping.  The Tour Van Fitting Center which is next door to the Minneapolis store has the complete opposite feeling.  The outside is as plain and simple as can be, but the inside is “high-end” all the way.  The decor, details, products and technology are as professional as anything out there.

Once you soak in all the cool stuff surrounding you upon entrance; it is time to get to work.  First stop is the the Gears fitting area.  If you have seen the MATTe fitting system, this is just the most current technology of that.  Instead of a few frames per second, it now captures hundreds.  There are only a handful of these around the country.  It measures club and body details for the most accurate information about your swing.  The “Avatar” like rendering of your swing is really cool.  It is also stored for future reference if you need to be refit or want to revisit your past swing sequence.

After that data is collected the fitter has a good idea of what specs to start you with over on the Trackman Launch Monitor.  At this point it will be swinging into just the right fit.  While this might take a number of swipes, the fitter will find the ideal combination of specs and feel.  They are only missing one thing at this stage that would make them head and shoulders above the rest; outdoor hitting.  While I’ve been fit perfectly indoors, I am just much more confident and swing better outdoors.

They offer just about everything under the sun in terms of head and shaft combos; it may take a day or two for them to complete your build if they don’t have your exact specs in stock.  But as you can see from the pictures, they have a very extensive collection of heads and shafts on hand.  A plus about going to a general fitter like 2nd Swing instead of an OEM is that you aren’t locked into one brand. Their uLabs build shop section of the Tour Van is as good as any, with loft and lie machines, a frequency analyzer, and even an epoxy oven to offer a faster turn around between fitting and build.

So what is the secret of 2nd Swing that makes them better than everyone else?  You don’t have to buy an $800 driver or $2000 set of custom fit irons at the end of your fitting.  You can sneak next door and find previously swung clubs fit to your exact specs.  Sure the 2014/2015 gear is cool, but why not save $$$ and play 2013 clubs or even 2014 gear that didn’t fit someone else, but fits you perfectly based on your Tour Van fitting?  Their secret weapon that trumps all other fitting studios is their access to used gear that will offer the same results at a lower price point.

Obviously they do charge for the fitting depending on how many clubs you want to be fit for, but they will waive some or all of those fees if product is purchased.  Seriously, if you want the absolute best indoor fitting experience, period, get to 2nd Swing’s Tour Van.  You will get fit for the best clubs for your game, new or used!!

For more information:

Quick Hits
+Access to previously swung equipment
+Gears Fitting System and Trackman Launch Monitor
+Every new head and shaft combo
+Spacious and comfortable set-up
+Excellent Fitters
+Top notch uLabs build shop

–No outdoor space