32 Custom Creations Ferrules Review

3D Printed Custom Ferrules Take Club Personalization to the Next Level

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I installed 32 Custom Creations Ferrules on a set of JP Premier Wedges.  These 3D custom printed ferrules add a new level of customization to any club you want from driver to wedge.  You design, initials, logo can come to life through the magic of 3D printed ferrules.  

This is the definitive 32 Custom Creations Ferrules Review for 2023.

Custom stamping, paintfills, grips, etc all make up custom options for golf clubs.  Most manufactures now have some level of customization available.  You can get driver in you favorite color scheme, you can get irons with special paint fill and you can get wedges “pimped out” beyond your wildest dreams with stamps, laser engraving and custom finishes.  There has been some level of custom ferrules for a while now with colors or rings.  There have been some very colorful options more recently.  32 Custom Creations Ferrules takes this to a whole new level by 3D printing almost anything that you can imagine that will fit on a ferrule.

You’ve maybe noticed the 2 iGR logos which are used on our website and in our articles.  The iGR logo with the swinging golfer and the IndependentGolfReviews red block word logo.  The iGR logo fits and words great for the 32 Custom Creations Ferrules; unfortunately the big red rectangle doesn’t really fit in the cylinder space of a ferrule.  So finding a logo/design that fits is fairly easy, but clearly not everything will fill, nor will it be able to be 3D printed if it has too small of details.  The iGR logo is probably about as detailed as it gets.  While close up it might not look perfect, just a little zoom out and it looks amazing.

I decided to get another 32 Custom Creations Ferrule set designed for my JP Premier Wedges.  This ferrule has the logo on it twice on both sides.  This means the logo won’t get hidden as easily and can really show off the branding.  Obviously some golfers are still going to want a plain black ferrule, but for those of use that love club customization, these are fantastic.  My JP Premier Wedges were already customized, these made the perfect addition to their look.

The 32 Custom Creations Ferrule process is very simple.  Pick your logo, design, etc and send it off to 32 Custom Creations.  Pick your colors of the background, ring, logo etc and they’ll make a computer mock up.  Pick the shaft and hosel size, pay $50 for a set of 10 and about a week later you’ll have the coolest ferrules in hand. 

32 Custom Creations Ferrules install like any other ferrule.  Slide them on the shaft, push the head on to test the distance and fit, then apply epoxy to the hosel and shaft and stick them together.  Wipe off the excess glue and wait for it to dry.  Done.  The only difference is that the 3D custom printed ferrules don’t take well to “turning”.  This is the use of acetone and a polishing band to get the ferrule “turned down” to exact size of the hosel.  You’ll need to communicate with 32 Custom Creations Ferrules the exact dimensions if you need something wider or narrower for the ideal fit.


If you to take club customization the the next level, 32 Custom Creations Ferrules are AMAZING.  I am blown away by the quality and “cool” factor of these custom iGR and JP ferrules.  My wedges look even better than they did before.  The touch of custom on the ferrule can be subtle or bold, but either way they are personal.  The process is simple and the end results are outstanding.  While it may be a little thing, it certainly shows you level of customization off in a big way! If you are looking for something special for your clubs, consider a 32 Custom Creations Ferrule set

For More Information: 32 Custom Creations Website

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