Review: 3Bays GSA Zone Training Aid

More Swing Details for More Swing Improvements
We all would like our swings to look like a PGA pro’s swing.  If only I swung it like Rory, Jordon, Rickie or Tiger.  Even if we think we have that kind of swing, we rarely see those kind of results.  So how can we get a better swing?  Analyzing the data and seeing what it looks like will probably help us understand our own swing better to make improvements.  The new 3Bays GSA Zone Training Aid shows you more details for (hopefully) more swing improvements.

3Bays still makes the best physical device for tracking the club.  The others that clip onto the shaft never seem to hold tight enough, nor do they stay in the right spot.  The GSA Zone looks the same as the original 3Bays GSA Pro.  It is a lightweight Bluetooth grip cap that is almost weightless and only sticks out the end of the grip about 3/4″.  It stay on the grip securely and I didn’t have any issues or concerns during use. 

The connectivity and usage is super simple as well.  Hold the button to turn it on, and connect it to your smart phone.  Once the app is loaded you are good to go.  I put my phone in my pocket and hit away.  Every shot was captured and I didn’t even think about it for half a bucket of balls.  If you have a way to do some video, it will sync up that content with each swing analysis.

Once I opened the app to look at what my swing was doing, there was more information then before.  Really good information too that was fairly easy to decipher and understand.  The swing playback was simple and had multiple angles from behind, overhead, down the line and facing.  I could scroll between each swing quickly and efficiently.  There is data about hand speed, club speed, top of backswing angle, shaft lean, face angle, tempo, swing path, and even estimated carry distance.

Now what?  That was kind of the question I was left with.  I still have a little outside-to-in swing but I am really consistent with it.  My over the top move showed up in every swing analysis.  My tempo is pretty good and results weren’t too bad, but not exactly the prettiest swing.  So after I learn all these things about my swing, how do I fix them?  This is were all swing analyzers fall short.  For most amateurs like myself, I’m not even sure where to start.  I know I need to fix my swing at the top, but I don’t know how.

3Bays GSA Zone is the best swing analyzer on the market without question.  Their device, connectivity and app are the top notch.  But this product, like all others like it, are only as good as your ability to use the information to get better.  Pair this with a swing coach and your swing will improve.  You can check your data while you are practicing on your own and then when you spend time with your coach, they will be able to help you improve your swing even more.  The data from the 3Bays GSA Zone can really dial in every little detail of your swing.

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Quick Hits:
+Easy and consistent connectivity
+More swing data
+Excellent app
+Many different angles

–Using the data to improve without a coach might be difficult