Cole Pippo

Webmaster and Co-Owner at Independent Golf Reviews

Cole Pippo Golfing
Cole Pippo Golfing

Hello, my name is Cole. 

I am the owner of 18K PRODUCTIONS which operates the Independent Golf Reviews website.

Born & Raised in Toronto, Canada my passion lies in computers, business and golf. 

I joined the team at Independent Golf Reviews in May 2021 as the webmaster. I manage everything web & internet related for IGR including the web design, technical work, SEO and much more.

My work allows the authors to focus solely on the golfing and writing the best reviews possible for the readers. 

My goal with this project is to make Independent Golf Reviews the #1 source of great golf reviews on the internet!


I am the weird Canadian who golfs left handed but I can drive the ball almost 300 yards. My current handicap is 18.

I started playing golf with my dad from a very young age. 

In my teenage years I played baseball at a high level and my golf swing is still recovering from that.

I picked golf up again in the last 3 years and this past season I have taken it more seriously.

In high school I also worked in the back shop at Beacon Hall Golf Club, one of Canada’s highest ranked courses. 

Having fallen in love with golf has made me appreciate the sport, the beautiful courses, the people and the industry as a whole.

Currently playing and practicing once a week until winter comes along. 

My ambitious goal is to get my handicap down to single digits come 2022.
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