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Founder and Head Author of Independent Golf Reviews

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Handicap: 4.0

Home Club: Everywhere in Tucson

Hi, I’m Ryan.

I started Independent Golf Reviews in 2010 as a creative outlet to share my passion and insights about anything golf related; clubs, accessories, apparel, and courses. 

The goal of Independent Golf Reviews is to offer easy-reading, thorough, honest and insightful reviews of everything golf related.  “We try it before you buy it.”  Every review product is tested on the golf course for multiple rounds.  We try to capture those details in pictures and words.


About My Golf History

I grew up playing hand me down Wilson blades.  I took free lessons from the local PGA pro and hung out with my buddies on the golf course every Friday during the summer months in WI.  My love for the game grew over the years and turned into a passion about 20 years ago.  Since then I have tried almost every club made, played as many courses as I can (600 and counting) and used every golf product under the sun I could get my hands on.  I spent 3 years coaching high school golf in MN before I moved to AZ.  I currently play once a week outdoors in Tucson, AZ and hit shots whenever I can indoors on my Carl’s Place Golf Simulator.

About My Swing

My swing is always a work in progress, but I can be consistent enough to shoot par one day, but inconsistent enough to shoot 85 the next day which puts we at a 4.0 handicap.  My speed tops out around 105mph right now with the driver.   The swing itself can have a quick tempo, a flat backswing with a steep attack angle.  I fit into stock off-the-shelf specs from most companies.  I typically play stiff flex shafts and putt with a 34” putter.

What’s in the bag 2024⛳️

Driver: Callaway AI Smoke Triple Diamond Driver 
3 Wood: Taylormade Qi10
Hybrid: Titleist T-200 20*
Irons: Fourteen TB-7
Wedges: JP Premier – 58°, 54°, 50°
Putter: Odyseey AI-One #2 Putter
Ball: Titleist AVX Ball
Bag: Vessel LUX 2.0 Bag

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