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Unlike the founder of IGR, Ryan Heiman, I am not just a regular golfer. I am The Best Looking Man in Golf.  If you have any doubt about that, just ask me and I’ll verify it.
I am lucky enough to call Minneapolis, Minnesota my home.  I started playing golf in third grade and really haven’t improved since that time.   My father was a fire fighter and would bring me along during his Thursday morning league.  It was then that I learned there is much more to golf than just ball striking and score.  It’s about the experience and whom you share it with.  Some of life’s most valuable lessons can be discovered during an 18 hole round with people important in your life.

There is a club in Scottsdale designed by Phil Mickelson called, Whisper Rock.  The motto of the club is: “It’s all about the hang.”  This simple phrase really embodies the way in which I approach the game.  Golf is about the experience, the people you’re with, and when it’s all said and done, score doesn’t really matter.  This is the approach I am taking with my two young children as I expose them to the game.  Go out, be together and have fun.  Golf is secondary to the experience.

I was exposed to the golf apparel industry writing for MyGolfSpy.com.  I truly enjoy previewing the latest in golf apparel trends focusing on the fit, technology, and presentation of the pieces on an actual golfer.   I attempt present apparel in head-to- toe outfits so readers can get a feel for the brand and its look.  Golf apparel has changed dramatically in the past 20 years and continues to evolve with each release cycle.  It’s my job to present those emerging fashion trends in the golf apparel segment to the iGr readership.

2017 Golf Bag

Driver:            Mizuno JPX 900 10.5*
Fairway:         Tour Edge Exotics CB Pro Limited 16.5*
Hybrid:           TaylorMade SLDR 18.5*
Irons:               Miura Golf Passing Point 9003 4-AW
Wedges:        Miura Golf Black Wedge Series 50 / 54 / 58
Putter:            Toulon Design Memphis
Handicap:     12

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