Review: Ace of Clubs Golf Exotic Leather Putter Grips

Exotic Look Without Exotic Price
Putter grips have become much more than just the stock rubber ones a putter comes with.  They come in all shapes, sizes, colors and materials.  Some high end putters have fancy exotic skin grips like ostrich, lizard, or some other hide that gives it a special look and often a special price.  I’ve seen exotic skins grips costing as much as a driver.  But maybe you like the look of such grips but can’t justify the cost.  Ace of Clubs Golf stitchback leather grips is your alternative.  They offer genuine leather grips that looks just like all the different exotic skinned grips at a fraction of the cost.  Every grip they sell is $25.  So instead of dropping hundreds of dollars on an alligator skin grip, you can get that exotic look without the exotic price.

Ace of Clubs Golf offers about 25 different options of exotic leather grips.  They come in a rainbow of colors and 4 main skins; Ostrich, Alligator, Python, Crocodile.  They also come in 2 different sizes, standard and midsize.  I went with the Augusta Green Crocodile Midsize.  It has a yellow stitchback which is perfect for thoughts of the Masters.  I installed mine on a Miura 007 putter.  This putter has minimal paintfill  so just about any grip would match, but the grip really stands out against the simple putter head.

The install is easy just like any leather grip.  It has a black rubber core so you can do tape and solution or air install.  I did the air method since it is quick and clean.  I haven’t had any issues with movement or twisting at all.  If you’ve had a real exotic grip, you will notice that the leather feel isn’t quite the same.  If you are buying an exotic grip purely based on the feel then you will still need to pony up and pay the exotic price, but if a good leather feel with the exotic look will do, then you will be just fine.  It has a smooth, slightly tacky leather feel.  I liked that it wasn’t too slippery.  At times leather grips can get really smooth, but the Ace of Clubs Golf grip had nice “stick” to it.

I just read an article that statics show that changing grips improves your scores.  While that article included all of your clubs, I found that even switching putter grips seems to help drop an extra putt or 2.  It wasn’t like I only had 1 putts now, but the new grip was certainly a confidence booster.  The midsize seemed to play into that as well.  I’ve been gravitating towards bigger putter grips to eliminate hands and this one did a nice job of that.

I haven’t used the grip yet for a full season, but in the first month of using the grip it seems very durable.  It shows no signs of wear after  having it in the bag for multiple rounds.  Since it is leather, it should be fairly strong and hold up well for the entire season.  But for arguments sake, let’s say it doesn’t, it only costs 1/2 dozen ProV1s.  You could change it out a number of times and still have paid less than an exotic skin grip.

I have to admit, I am really impressed by the quality of the grip, the look of the grip, the feel of the grip, the use of the grip and certainly the price of the grip seals the deal.  I hope as time goes they can expand their sizes and choices, because at the price, you can’t beat what you get; an exotic grip without the exotic price.

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+24 exotic colors and styles
+Easy to install
+Excellent leather feel
+Good durability
+Great priceings