REVIEW: AcuAim M1 Mallet Putter

It's Like Having a Laser Aiming System

The more I golf and the more I watch other golfer, the more I realize that aiming is really one of the tougher of parts of golf. It isn’t always the swing, but just the set-up that is the problem. It is with every club too, driver through putter. AcuAim wants to help with your aim of the most important club; the putter. The Lite Site is like a laser aiming system on your putter. It is a neon orange site line that creates a halo effect on your ball for proper alignment and aim.

AcuAim Golf is a new company aiming to solve one of golfs most difficult aspect, putting.  While every putter company has an angle of what makes their putter better, I found the logic and execution of AcuAim’s Spot On sighting to actually help a golfer putt like a pro.  I learned a lot about my putting through out this review as well as when I paired this up with the Callaway triple track lines on the Chrome Soft X ball.  It taught me that my eyes and body position can play tricks on your alignment.  Standing behind the ball and over the ball with a putter are 2 different things.  The Parallax Effect was something I noticed happening.  That is a misalignment of center line of the putter and ball.  I saw one thing, but something else was the reality.  The AcuAim Putter really helped me focus on better alignment.

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As you can see from the picture, the AcuAim M1 Mallet putter is a black body mallet, with a Luminescent center line; basically a neon orange plexiglass site line.  It glows in the sunlight and projects a halo on the ball, especially when putting toward the sun.  This assures you about proper alignment not only of the putter, but also at the center of the ball.  It is surprising how important that is, and how just being off a degree or mm makes a difference.

The AcuAim putter comes in 2 mallet options, M1 and Camelback.  I liked the simple shape of the M1 and the fact that it can be ordered with toe hang in a mallet (which is rare) makes for an even better fit for my stroke.   For it being a large mallet and having minimal face milling I was impressed by how soft the ball feels off the face.  I was expecting a harsher feel, but it is quiet soft.  While it is a mallet and has perimeter weighting, most of the mass is near the face which is also my preference for proper distance control.
So how did it work on the course?  The AcuAim M1 Mallet putter worked just as billed.  This putter is the easiest aiming putter I’ve ever played and the halo effect on the ball really helped me focus on hitting the center of the ball with the center of the putter.  While the halo isn’t as bright on every putt depending on the direction of the sun, I still found I got in the habit of checking if I’m aligned properly, not just in relation to the hole, but also to the ball, which is probably something I didn’t think about much in the past.  While my putting stats didn’t drop significantly, I felt like I putted better, but still need to work on speed and reading the greens better.  Aim however was not the problem.
The only down side of the AcuAim putters would be the lack of grip options and headcover.  There was a lot of thought, engineering and science involved with the design of this putter head, but the basic grip option and neoprene cover don’t do this high quality putter justice.  I will be upgrading my grip and mallet cover for sure.  While I know that doesn’t impact the performance, at the high-end putter price, those accessories should match.  They are an easy fix with all the grip and accessory options out there.
The AcuAim M1 Mallet putter is like having a laser sight on your putter, it will improve your aim.  The toe hang option is a really great variation often not found in mallets.  I think that this putter will serve a high handicap golfer best since they often have the most aiming problems, but even for a low handicap golfer I found a renewed focus and level of attention to detail that did help me gain a couple strokes on the green.  The Lite Site is like having a laser aiming system attached to your putter.  Check out AcuAim putters to improve your aiming on the green.

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Quick Hits:
+Lite Site works
+Halo effect on ball
+Toe hang in a mallet
+Soft feel
+Good balance
+Nice weight

–Grip and headcoverswings