Review: Adams Fast 12 3-wood

The Velocity Slot is the real deal!
There are a number of marketing angles that companies try to push with their new clubs, but more often than not, that is all there are, marketing, a twist on old technology.  But the Velocity Slot in Adams new clubs isn’t just talk, it delivers.

I’ve had pretty good success with Adam’s 3-woods in the past so I was excited to try the newest version the Fast 12.  I was able to get it in play for my early spring rounds here in MN.  In my 5 rounds with this club I’ve had the most chances at eagle than with any other 3 wood.
This head has a little different look than a typical 3-wood.  The shape is very traditional, but the color and velocity slot really make it stand out.  It really wasn’t distracting or hard to line up, it actually sets up really nice behind the ball, in a very neutral position, and the velocity slot kind of makes a big parallel bar to the target.  The metallic silver is bright, but having played white clubs, it is toned down in comparison.  The black face and sole look amazing.  The face height is pretty standard for an Adams 3-wood; on the thinner side.


The velocity slot lives up to its billing.  I reached a number of par 5s in two shots with this 3-wood in my bag.  It was right up there with the longest of 3-woods I have hit.  I had more opportunities at eagle than ever before.  I hit a couple of 3-woods inside 10 feet.  Along with excellent distance, the sound/feel were outstanding.  I expected it to have a hollow feeling because of the velocity slot, but surprisingly it was very solid.  It felt more solid than many slotless 3-woods.  The deep thwack on impact was excellent.

While the velocity slot is designed to offer more pop, this club also offers amazing forgiveness.  It is one of the more forgiving 3-woods I have hit.  I felt like I hit more straight shots or planned shots than any other 3-wood I have put in the bag. 

Off the tee, as long as the ball was teed low, it was great.  Off the fairway is where this club shined for me.  I could catch it clean off the fairway or cut through the rough to pop it out toward or on the green.  The only thing is that the velocity slot both top and bottom seem to collect dirt and grass.

While I’m not a huge fan of the ProLaunch Blue shaft in drivers, it has worked well in fairway woods.  The newest version of that shaft installed in this 3-wood has the new speed coating, which is said to be more aerodynamic.  It is hard to tell with the naked eye if that means anything, but I did get near perfect trajectory.  It is that low, late-rising launch that falls softly to the ground.  It reminds me of a jet taking off.  This club is also topped with a standard tour velvet grip.  Adams continues to make one the best headcovers on the market too.  The thumbslot is really easy for getting the headcover off and the long sock offers excellent shaft protection.

My only complaint really has nothing to do with this club, but with Adams. The Fast 12 is brand new yet Adams already came out with a faster, longer 3-wood; the XTD.  The Fast 12 is awesome, but the XTD sounds even better.  This makes it hard to settle on the Fast 12 without trying the XTD.

Honestly though, the Fast 12 is an amazing 3-wood.  It is long, solid, forgiving and helped me score some eagles, that alone has me wanting to keep it in the bag.  If you are in the market for a new 3-wood, the Adams Fast 12 should be at the top of the list.

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Quick Hits
+Velocity Slot is the real deal
+Solid sound/feel
+Great trajectory

–XTD model already out