Review: Adams Idea Pro Gold Hybrid

Setting the Gold Standard.
With the Olympics just wrapping up in China I had gold on my mind.  So when I picked up the new Idea Pro Golds I wondered if they were worthy of their name.

Starting with the mainstay of all Adams sets, hybrid-iron mixture, the 2 hybrids retain much from the original Idea Pro’s but add Boxer technology to create the new Idea Pro Gold hybrid.  Many thought that the original Idea Pros could not be out done, well they might want to rethink that.  By design and intent, hybrids are easier to hit, higher and straighter.  Idea Pro Golds do that better than any other hybrid, period.  There is a reason they out sell their competitors and find their way into more pro’s bags than any other brand.

The gray face and top line with the solid glossy black crown have a very classic look.  As you drop the head behind the ball it is small enough to not feel clunky, but big enough to inspire confidence.  It looks nice and square behind the ball.  The absence of an alignment aid adds to the clean appearance.  But the real fun is hitting the ball.  The ball just jumps off the face with a solid click sound.  It has a much more muted, iron like sound than a hollow fairway wood.  The trajectory is initially high and flattens out.  The reduction in spin is a newer concept to hybrids, but it works for the Ideas Pro Golds because the stopping power comes from the high ball flight.  The pulled face technology works creating a hot face, edge to edge.  Let me tell you, this is not a slicer’s hybrid, with minimal offset and a small face.

Partnered with the new Mitsubishi JAVLN shaft makes these hybrids real performers.  But if you really want to take it up a notch get them with the Matrix Ozik Altus shafts offered by Adams for just a Jackson.  The feel of the JAVLNs was a little lacking.  They work well, but lack a nice smooth feel that you get with the Altus.  Trying to compare the two think: JAVLN = steel and Altus = graphite, but whichever shaft you choose they are both top-notch performers.  Both shafts produce a high launch/low spin combo.  Adams is setting the bar high for the other companies, especially those trying to cash in on the hybrid market.  Even if you don’t need the whole set of clubs, these hybrids are worth the look.