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Review: Adams Idea Pro Gold Irons

Worthy of an Olympic gold medal?
With the Olympics just wrapping up in China I had gold on my mind.  So when I picked up the new Idea Pro Golds I wondered if they were worthy of their name.the 5-pw have a classy look and feel to them.  Being forged allows the golfer that pure feel on solid hits and a soft reminder on miss hits.  The milled face with larger grooves than the previous idea pro irons, allows the more accomplished player to add spin.    The slightly larger head offers a fair amount of forgiveness.  This is not going to solve all your miss hits, but you won’t get terribly penalized.    The 8620 forged head with its tech filled cavity back creates a nice soft feeling iron.  It is not quite as pure as a 1020 muscle back, but far superior to all cast offerings.  Lining up to hit the ball in the fairway, they frame the ball nicely with a tall and somewhat square toe.  The satin groove face surrounded by chrome didn’t cause any glare issues, even in the sun.  After multiple hits, digging the short irons to China, the chrome held up nicely. Apply a little water with a towel and they clean up like new.  The grind was more geared for the better player, the leading edge was barely blunted, so digging can be a problem, but the relief grind was great for getting through the ball.

The fact that they have a minimal constant offset is great for learning to strike the ball cleanly, but if you have slice issues, this will only make things worse.  They are a player’s clubs, but not a butter knife behind the ball.  They really appeal to the good player or the slightly above average guy who wants clubs that he can start with and keep even once his game improves.

 They are .5* -1.5* upright over many other clubs on the market (depending on the company).  Adams is addressing the needs of many golfers in the US for more upright irons.  But being 8620 forged steel makes them easy for any clubmaker to bend flat if necessary or have Adams do it for you.  Paired with Flighted Project X shafts, Adams sets the bar high again.  Many golfers consider the Project X shaft the gold medal standard for steel shafts on the market, so using it in their Idea Pro Gold set only makes sense. I liked the feel of the flighted shafts.  They are very crisp and stable at impact.  Being flighted did not make a major impact on this set since the long irons are hybrids, but the short irons felt very controlled.  Even with the flighted shafts I still found the short irons to have a high trajectory without ballooning. It was nice playing a new set of irons and not having to make major adjustments for distance or trajectory.   So often sets have juiced lofts or use special shafts to get more distance.  You might not gain distance with this set, but you will gain control of your iron shots with the Idea Pro Golds. Adams stuck with a traditional, look and feel to the Idea Pro Golds.

Between the hybrid long irons, JAVLN shafts, forged iron heads and Project X shafts, the whole set simply performs.  There is just enough forgiveness for the mid-handicap golfer, but traditional enough to make the bag of even the most accomplished player.  You don’t need to be a pro to play the Idea Pro Golds, but if you struggle with your ball-striking, these may not be for you.  They have more forgiveness than the original Idea Pros, but they are no savior.  The hybrids probably fit more golfers than the irons do, that is why Adams allows you to go that route and buy only the hybrids.  If you decide to purchase a whole set, make sure that you get the lie angle checked to fit your swing needs.  It makes a world of a difference.

Now that the Summer Olympics are done, it is time to go out and get your own gold, Idea Pro Golds that is, they are a winner.

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