Review: Adams Pro Hybrid

Adams Owns the Hybrid Slot in The Bag
For years now Adams has been the #1 hybrid on tour.  I don’t see that changing any time soon.  They continue to make great hybrids year after year.  Adams has owned the hybrid slot in my bag more than anyone else.  Their 2014 campaign to “Own the 2nd shot” really fits them well.  They have always done really well in this category.  The Pro hybrid is their latest model to offer 3 distinct hybrids shapes to own the 2nd shot.  It reminds me of some of the first Adams I put in the bag almost 6 years ago, the Idea Pros.  While there has been technology advances, velocity slots, new shafts and improved looks, Adams still makes the best hybrids 6 years later.
The first thing that stuck out for me is the great shape of the Pro hybrids.  It is exactly what fits my eye.  Probably because I’ve been playing Adams hybrids for so long, but this one is really pleasing to look down at.  The matte black, the boxy shape, and even the velocity slot all look really good at address.

With the emphasis on lower, forward CG, Adams added the sole weight again low and forward like some of their original models.  This creates an easy to launch, yet flat flighted hybrid.  It is easier to launch than a 3 iron, goes further, hits higher and stops quicker.  Even if you want to hit a low runner with this hybrid, it is versatile enough to change ball position and still get the desired results of a low runner that cuts through the wind and bounds down a firm fairway.

I find myself with this club in hand regularly on long par 3s.  I can tee it up just a little bit and hit towering shots into the green that stick on contact.  They don’t run out much even on 200+ yard shots.  This has been a real key to scoring well on some really tough holes.

I’m not even sure what generation velocity slot Adams is on, but I can say that this one is really good.  The Adams Pro hybrid is really forgiving on all types of mishits.  With it going all the way through the club and stretching from heel to toe, it offers the most forgiving hybrid I have hit.  I really believe this is the most important factor in choosing a hybrid.  It needs to offer rescue ability, forgiveness and precision.  All of which the Adams Pro Hybrid offers.

The turf interaction is exactly what I’ve come to expect from Adams.  It has a fairly flat sole, with just enough camber and radius to resist digging or dragging in the grass, short or tall.  Yes, you might get a little turf in the velocity slot, but it cleans out easily and when you see the results, you really won’t care.  I felt comfortable with this hybrid instantly from any lie.  (within reason)  I use it off the tee to hit a desired landing zone, and use it for second shots on really long par 4s or par 5s.  I’ve had a couple looks at eagle after hitting this club.

The Adams Pro hybrid comes with a great stock shaft like Adams typically does.  The Aldila Red Tour shaft is the stock option that I couldn’t find much info on, but it reminds me of a slightly higher launching Aldila Blue Tour shaft.  It matches nicely with the previous Matrix Altus shafts I’d played in Adams Hybrids, just a little tighter feeling.  High, flat launch was the typical shot pattern I had with this shaft.

Everyone can use a little more forgiveness in their hybrid.  Adams Pro Hybrids offers the best forgiveness of any hybrid, yet maintains the playing qualities a pro would want;  versatility, distance, feel and precision.  There is a reason Adams is the #1 hybrid.  The Adams Pro Hybrid will own the 2nd shot for many golfers and the hybrid slot in their bag.

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Quick Hits
+Velocity slot offers incredible forgiveness
+Great looking hybrid in Adams tradition
+Solid sound and feel
+Versatile from any lie
+Quality Aldila stock shaft
+Easy to own the 2nd shot.

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