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Review: Adams Super S hybrid

Super Consistent
The yardage gap between a Driver and your first iron, whether that is a 3, 4 or 5 iron (maybe even a 2 iron) is usually a decent sized gap that can be filled with a variety of clubs.  The most popular in recent years is a hybrid or two.  I have played at least 1 hybrid for the last 8 years.  I usually need it to play around 210 yards.  I like to have about a 5-10 yard cushion on each side to go after it and dial it back.  The number one feature for me is not so much the distance, but can I hit it consistently the same yardage with accuracy shot after shot.  After having the Adams Super S hybrid in the bag for 5+ rounds, I would say it fits perfectly, it is Super Consistent.
It comes as no surprise that Adams has made another good hybrid, this is what Adams has been doing for years.  They are the leading hybrid on all tours; they have it pretty much down to a science.  I’m amazed that they continue to crank out new ones each year almost always better than the last one.  The Super S is no different.  It is a great club with ample technology that really works to offer the most consistent hybrid you can find.  While I might have a hybrid or two that are longer, not one of them can match the consistency of the Super S.

The Super S has  velocity speed slots on both the top and the bottom which are said to give the club more pop.  It certainly has plenty of that, yet feels really solid at impact.  One might think it would be springy or hollow, but it actually is very solid feeling.  What I found is that the dual velocity slot technology really offers consistent ball speeds and spin rates.  It seemed like everything was always the same, no matter the swing (within reason of course)

Another buzz point for 2013 is the crown paint.  The days of plain black are over, now it is colors and graphics.  Adams has adopted a signature graphic across the crown like their big brother Taylormade.  They are not very distracting, nor are they too bold, just a simple Super near the back of the crown with a grey stripe across the top back of the crown.  It kind of forms a v-shape pointing down the target line.  I really can’t say it helped or hampered this club.  I really didn’t even notice after a few swings.  The matte white crown is new to Adams.  It is paired with a black face and sole so it really stands out nicely and is easy to look at behind the ball.   The velocity speed slot on the top really serves as the alignment aid.  I square that up to my target and swing away. 

The Adams Super S is shaped more like a fairway wood, while the Super LS is more like a hybrid.  (there is new one coming out that is more like a driving iron)  I can’t say I have a real preference.  I’ve played Adams hybrids that were very hybrid/iron looking and they worked, as well as playing the more fairway wood looking ones. I’m really interested in performance from different locations and consistency of length, trajectory and accuracy.

As I’ve been saying all along already in this review is how consistent this hybrid is really has been the best part of this hybrid.  At both the indoor LM testing and the on course testing in FL, I hit this club with such repeatable numbers.  The launch angle was mid/high, the ball speeds were great and the spin was good, maybe slightly high, but consistent.   I happened to have a number of opportunities to test it on the course from about 205-215.  That was a common par 3 distance on the courses I played as well as some holes required second shots of that length.  The biggest benefit of this hybrid is that I didn’t come up short of the green, nor did I bomb it over.  While I wasn’t always on the right tier or even a couple times missed the green right or left, I didn’t have any “where did that come from” shots.

The Super S is a slightly bigger head than some hybrids, but that didn’t seem to slow down its performance from any lie.  Off the tee I liked the bigger head so it feels like a fairway wood.  The same was true from the fairway.  The real test was out of the junk.  From real thick rough it got bogged down some, but just about anything other than a thin iron.  From normal rough it cuts right through barely slowing down at all.   One thing I’ve liked about Adams hybrids is their relatively flat sole toe to heel as well as front to back.  This allows you to really sweep the ball out of a bunker or tighter lie.  It seems to resist digging.  The only thing about the VST is that it collects dirt.  After just about every shot, especially since I am a bit of a digger, the slot needed to be cleaned out of grass and dirt.  It is not a big deal, but simply an observation.  Even the top slot would at time collect grass from the rough.  A tee or brush gets the crud out easily.

Because I’m a high spin player I probably need to hit the Super LS to really pick up distance.  I think the Super S might gain some yards for some golfers, the ball speeds were great, but I just generate a little too much spin.  Although I can’t say I had ballooning issues on the course, I certainly didn’t have roll out either.  It was usually  fairly close to where it landed.  Again for the most part that is a good thing.  It is all about distance control and this club offers that.

The Matrix Kujoh shaft is a solid offering in this club.  It is similar to the Matrix Altus shaft, just toned down a little is probably the easiest way to explain it.  The launch isn’t quite as high, nor is the kick quite as strong, but a solid mid/high launch with ample kick and similar smoothness makes this a nice shaft.  It plays at D1 at 40″ so it isn’t the longest shafted hybrid out there which again will help with consistency over distance.  That standard grip and headcover complete a very nice club.

Are you confident and consistent with your hybrid?  If not, you really should look into the Adams Super S hybrid, it is the most consistent hybrid I have every played.  The distance, the trajectory, the accuracy seem identical shot after shot.  It should be called the Super C hybrid for Super Consistent.

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Quick Hits
+Plenty long
+Solid feel
+Works from every lie

–busy crown with slot and graphics

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