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Adams XTD Irons Review

Xtra Distance, Xtra Forgiving & Xtra Easy

I’ve been using the full set of Adams XTD Irons for a while now.

I have over 10 years of experience in reviewing different types of golf clubs.

These are my thoughts on these irons and how they performed for m!

Adams XTD Irons – Overview
Everyone wants to hit the ball further.  It is human nature to want to do things better; longer, straighter, easier, etc.  When it comes to golf it can be hard to achieve those results.  We might want to try to swing faster, but the conditioning and flexibility might not be there.  We like to hit it straighter, but the consistency isn’t there.  We like the game to be easier, but don’t have the time to practice.  Adams XTD irons give you that boost without sacrificing too much.  They offer xtra distance and are xtra forgiving yet are xtra easy to hit.
Adams has been promoting “owning the second shot” in 2014.  They aren’t necessarily targeting the driver market, but rather hybrids and irons.  I loved the new Pro hybrid I reviewed this spring.  The XTD irons are the next progression through the bag.  Iron are more often the clubs used for second shots.  I have to say these irons are legit distance irons.  I’ve never hit irons as far as these, ever.  I found them to be a full 2 clubs longer.  Yet the lofts aren’t jacked nor did they hit low runners, they hit high soft shots 20+ yards longer for every club.  I even had mine build with DG S300 shafts so it was an apples to apples comparison.  My Flightscope proved what I was seeing on the course; lots of xtra distance.

How did Adams add 20 yards to every club?  Slot technology and the XTD piston paired with the super thin face seem to get the job done.  Center of the face hits just launch up into the sky and go forever.  I appreciated that it was a consistent 2 clubs longer across the board.  I was hitting my 4-iron almost as long as my hybrid.  I felt really strong hitting a 9-iron 160 yards.  It feels good and gives your ego a boost.  The downside is my set only went to a pitching wedge which means I ran out of yardage at 140 yards.  I didn’t have a 120 yard club anymore.  My wedges don’t hit that far.  I believe getting the GW and even the SW might be required to keep this set playable in those shorter distances to make sure all the yardage gaps are filled.

What about off center hits?  Well first off they don’t feel the best.  Most clubs don’t but these have a harsh hollow feel to them.  The flip side is that you don’t lose much distance, nor accuracy.  Thin shots just hop because of the slot technology and shots outside of the sweet spot are corrected by the X frame technology.  If you don’t have a solid iron game, these could really save your scores.
What about their bold looks? This is the one aspect of the Adams XTD irons that some might find to complain about.  They are not “clean” or “thin” by any means.  The cross-cavity bracing and piston in the center are pretty bold, the top line and sole are fairly thick and they have some off-set.  But even though these irons won’t win a beauty contest, their performance will erase any aesthetic short comings.  The black PVD finish does look good and hides their size well.  The contrasting face allows for easy alignment and the off-set is less than many game improvement irons.  The toned down Tour version that Ernie Els is playing might just be the best of both worlds; improved looks while retaining the incredible performance.


What is the bottom line on the Adams XTD irons?  They are long, accurate and easy.  While some feel they aren’t the best looking irons, these irons will make you feel really good about your game.  Everyone likes to hit it longer, more accurately and do it with ease.  If you want to own the second shot in your game, the XTD irons are impressive.  They are simply xtra long, xtra forgiving and xtra easy.

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Pros and Cons

+ Sooooooo Long
+ Very forgiving
+ Easy to hit
+ Solid feel on center strikes
+ Moderate off-set for game improvement irons

— Must order GW
— Not overly attractive


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