Review: Adidas AdiCross Shoes

A classic Adidas shoe now for golf

There are some shoes that just are symbolic of a brand.  To me the simple three stripe tennis shoe is one that I have owned and worn for years that are just Adidas.  So it comes as no real surprise to see it reinvented as the Adicross street golf shoe.

While Adidas isn’t the first to make a spikeless “street” shoe, they did take their iconic shoe and make a great golf shoe with it.  It is similar is so many ways to the regular Adidas shoe that they basically just changed the tread from a court style pattern a sole full of rubber lugs.

I’m going to start with the bottom up on this one.  The bright colored rubber lugs on the bottom.  They are softer than some of the other street shoes I have reviewed which makes for a very comfortable walk both on and off the course.  They offer excellent grip, but aren’t even noticeable in the office.  I wear these shoes for much more than just for golf.  On the course it is no surprise that they are comfortable and grip just as well as any spiked shoe.  I didn’t have any slippage or issues concerning traction, I even found them a little nicer in the fall compared to my older Adidas since they don’t pick up leaves and debris on the bottom.

The leather uppers are nice firm leather, while not as supple as some other brands of street shoes; they do hold a nice shape and offer a comfortable fit.  They are not guaranteed waterproof, but I wore them for a couple dew sweeper rounds and not a drop got through the leather.  The cap toe seems to have a slight coating on the leather to really keep the water out.

The insides are soft and flexible.  They have just the right amount of cushion without being squishy.  It is that combo that works so well for a golfer.  A soft, yet secure fit.  The only complaint that someone might have is that the cap toe design can cut into some people’s feet depending on the shape of their foot and how they flex their toes.  It isn’t as bad as wearing steel toe shoes, but it is noticeable, at least initially.

When it comes to overall style they come with two sets of laces; one to match the shoe color and another bright color that matches the sole.  They have that iconic three stripe contrast stitching to offer a great look, yet subtle enough for off course wear.

So for a reasonable price you get an iconic Adidas shoe, a golf shoe and being spikeless one that you can wear on and off the course.  The Adicross is a great classic shoe now for golf.


Quick Hits
+Classic style
–No waterproof guarantee
–Leather is a little stiff initially