REVIEW: Adidas CodeChaos BOA Golf Shoes

The Shoe For 2020
If you had to describe the year 2020 with one word you would say CHAOS.  I don’t know if Adidas had a crystal ball or some sort of hunch about this year, but CodeChaos is a perfect name for a new golf shoe.  While here in AZ golf didn’t shut down as it did in other states, it is clear that the golf world isn’t same anymore.  Since most states are realizing that golf is the original “social distancing” sport and courses are opening up around the US, it might be time to have a shoe that is named appropriately, but also offers amazing comfort, grip, stability and fit.   While it might be CodeChaos around us, these shoes will offer some peace of mind to your feet and your golf game.
As I’ve said in numerous reviews before, if the option to have BOA for my shoes, I’m going to take it.  Adidas CodeChaos comes with a BOA option.  The option is a slightly different shoe from the standard laces because it is more of a high-top/mid-top shoe.  They use a textile colar, much like what you see on their soccer line, to offer a sock like fit.  Then you add the BOA system and your feet are comfortable locked into these shoes.  You micro adjust with the dial for a very precise fit.  They fit so good, you could almost go without the BOA, but it add another level of support and comfort to avoid any slippage or slop while wearing these shoes.

The Adidas CodeChaos BOA shoes come in 2 colors, white and black, which each have an accent color to make it pop.  I was shocked at how many golfers complimented the looks of these shoes.  While I knew they looked cool in the box, they are kind of bold departure from a traditional shoe.  I found that most people really liked the look.  The white is done very well with a hint of grey and bright orange.  While they have a “striped” texture it is pretty subtle, which means they have a pretty clean look.  I wore them with both shorts and pants and they looked equally good with both.  I think the get great style points.

I already hinted at the Adidas CodeChaos BOA amazing comfort, but to repeat, these really are awesome right out of the box.  They look tight, but they slide right on like a sock and form to your feet instantly.  The INSITE sock liner and Fitfoam cushioning are evident immediately as you put them on.  The BOOST foam is activated on every step to offer that perfect balance of firm cushion needed for walking and playing golf; soft on every step, yet firm enough to maintain a constant swing.

The Adidas CodeChaos BOA has a new spikeless sole that offers excellent traction while still offering a smooth walk on hard surfaces.  Finding that balance is key to a spikeless shoe.  Just because it doesn’t have twist in spikes, doesn’t mean it will function well off the course.  These however blend that perfectly.  They do grip the turf so well you might take a little with you after your round.  The spikeless sole has the “tread” fairly close together and if you get in some soft conditions, some gets lodged between spikes.  I suggest hitting the spike cleaner brush after wearing these on the course, just to be safe.

The Adidas CodeChaos BOA is the perfect shoe for 2020.  All the inovations that Adidas has made over the years with their golf shoes is wrapped into this cool looking package.  Amazing fit, awesome comfort, cool style, waterproof, nice spikeless grip and BOA.  Like I’ve said before the regular CodeChaos looks like a nice shoe, but with BOA it is awesome.  The micro adjustments along with the high top style and comfort, they are a shoe you need to make it through the 2020 golf season and beyond.

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Quick Hits:
+Cool high-top style
+BOA micro adjustments
+On/off course traction
+Boost comfort on each step
+Sock like fit
+Stability on each swing

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