Review: Adidas Crossflex Golf Shoes

It's like playing golf in your running shoes
I’ve seen a number of golfers that don’t wear traditional golf shoes.  Their feet are just too uncomfortable in leather saddle golf shoes.  Many of the golfers I have seen not wearing golf shoes, most often are wearing running shoes.  Those golfers feel they offer better support, are more flexible and overall offer more comfort for walking 18 holes.
The new Adidas Crosslfex looks a lot like running shoes and offers that same support, flexibility and 18 hole comfort.  Add to that they offer some very golf specific features that make them far better for golfing than a pair of running shoes.

Starting at the ground, the Adidas Crossflex shoes have a very unique tread.  There are 6 sided lugs with cross patterns in each one.  They offer far superior traction to running shoes and are just about as grippy as any spiked shoe.  The treads also extend slightly past the edges of the sole of the shoe, making them very stable side to side, they simply refuse to roll.

The middle layers of this shoe are soft and flexible, yet offer some support.  There are a number of “barefoot” shoes out there that are very flexible, but for some golfers those are too flexible without enough support.  These offer good cushion and support. 

The upper are a waterproof mesh. I gave them a good test in the rain since they don’t look waterproof, but they are.  No leakage or wet socks, the mesh is coated with a good waterproof sealant.  The mesh is also soft and very comfortable.  These shoes required no break-in time at all.  Right out of the box I walked 18 holes without a discomfort, blister or even a slight rub. 

The looks of these shoes I found to be very stylish.  They are very similar in style to a running shoe, but the color combinations and shape looked nice with both pants and shorts.  They may not be traditional in style but comfort rules the day with these. 

If you are one of those golfers that needs a shoe more like your running shoes to play golf in, these are your shoes. ( I even gave them a try as running shoes and they did a pretty nice job at that too.) They are lightweight, flexible, supportive, comfortable right out of the box, and offer golf specific functions like traction and full waterproof.  Since they are spikeless, they might just become even more than your golf shoes.

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Quick Hits
+Good spikeless traction

–Non-traditional golf style