Review: Adidas Crossknit Boost Shoes

Golf Shoes that I Want to Wear All the Time
I always find it interesting how many golfers can’t wait to get their shoes off after the round.  They change out of their shoes immediately following their putt on 18.  They don’t even wait until they get to the locker room.  I always wonder “Why play golf in shoes that are so uncomfortable?”  If this is you, the Adidas Crossknit Boost shoes will be the exact opposite, you will simply want to wear them all the time, on or off the course.  I actually try to arrange my wardrobe so I can wear them more.  While they might be golf shoes, they are so comfortable I like wearing them everyday.  While not “dressy” enough to wear with a suit and tie, anytime I’m wearing something more casual they are great.
When I first saw Adidas boost a couple of years ago, I was a skeptic.  It looked like cheap white styrofoam.  I was first proved wrong with the Tour 360 Boost shoes that I absolutely loved, but they are a spiked shoe, which mean I can only wear them on-course.  The new Adidas Crossknit Boost are built on a “running” shoe platform with full-foot boost and a “spikeless” outsole.  The uppers are CIRCLEknit, which is a woven version of uppers similar to a sock.  They don’t have a tongue or multiple layers just one solid knit surround.  The combination of these 3 main features makes these incredibly comfortable to wear every day, on or off the course.

The Adidas Crossknit Boost uppers are CIRCLEknit which allows maximum flexibility and comfort, yet still having support.  The very first time I put them on, the CIRCLEknit was slightly snug, but after about 15 minutes of wearing them, I could feel it loosen and mold to my foot shape.  After a couple month of wearing them, I’m happy to report that they haven’t over-stretched or become sloppy from wearing them multiple times per week.  They do have laces on the top, but they are more for looks than real function for the uppers.  They can’t actually pull the CIRCLEknit tighter.  You can use the extended saddle sling only to tighten them just slightly up by the ankle.

Like I mentioned above, the Adidas boost material is legit.  The full-foot cushioning midsole is really nice step after step.  It is lightweight so that the shoes don’t get heavy, but is firm enough so that the compression under your foot isn’t too squishy.  I’ve had other brands that tried to make a super soft cushion that just makes your feet feel sloppy during the swing.  Boost offers the perfect balance between cushion and support to keep you connected to the ground during the swing.
The Adidas Crossknit Boost outsole is also a great feature of this shoe.  It has a “running” shoe look with its round and rectangle lug combination throughout the sole.  They are all strategically placed with a spine running just off-set of center to create various traction zones for walking compared to swinging.  I really like how the outside of the foot really grabs the turf when you “step” down on your swing.
The Adidas Crossknit Boost Shoes have been perfect in AZ.  They aren’t waterproof, but then again I don’t have too much water or rain to worry about in the desert.  The few days that actually had a little dew on the ground/sprinkler dampness didn’t seem to bother these shoes either.  The lower part of the shoe has some “shields” to keep the uppers from getting damp. 
I like the Adidas Crossknit Boost Shoes so much that I look for ways to wear them on a daily basis.  If I can arrange my apparel to work with these shoes, I am happy putting them on each morning and wearing them all day long, golfing or not.  The “spikeless” outsole, boost midsole and CIRCLEknit upper makes them extremely comfortable for all situations.  They are a great hybrid golf shoe and a great non-golf shoe.

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Quick Hits:
+Extremely comfortable
+Great traction
+Nice “running” shoe style
+Excellent on-course performance

–Not waterproof

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