Review: Adidas Golf Ultimate Shorts

I Don't Always Wear Shorts. But When I Do, I Wear Adidas Ultimate Shorts

Golf is most often played in nice warm weather.  Yes, you can play it all bundled up and with many different layers to stay warm and dry in cold, windy or rainy weather.  But for a large percentage of the golfing population, warm, sunny weather is the only time they’ll play.  I probably lean toward the other extreme that if the course is open, I will try and play.  Obviously those rounds require the full golf apparel treatment.  But when the warm weather comes, I still often wear pants because my skin is very sensitive to grass and weeds.  But sometimes it is even to warm for pants for me.  That is when I get my Adidas Ultimate Shorts out.  They are the best shorts I’ve ever owned.

I received the #FreeTheKnee Media kit here in MN while there was still some snow on the ground.  It was kind of tough to test the shorts early in the season.  While our season did start early this year, it wasn’t shorts weather until just recently.  I received 3 pairs of the Adidas Ultimate shorts, a dark grey, light grey and bright pink.  Each pair has a place in my golf wardrobe and I like how they all look.  Each different in tone, but all look great on the golf course.
You can’t just wake up and declare you made the “ultimate” shorts because there are some other quality products out there from other companies.  But I’m really comfortable calling the Adidas Ultimate shorts because they really are the best out there.  Every feature is well thought out and functional for the game of golf.  The material itself is a lightweight, soft, stretchy moisture-wicking and water repellent fabric.  It is as nice of fabric for shorts as I’ve ever seen.

The next list of features of the Adidas Ultimate Shorts may not always seem like that much or might even be in other shorts, but when you put them all together in these shorts, it is what makes them the ultimate golf short.  They have a wide elastic infused waistband that has “Adidas” silicone gripper printed on the inside to hold your shirt tucked in.  The stretch makes the super comfortable.  The metal post button is great for keeping them buttoned and not worrying about it breaking off.  I’ve had a couple buttons either break the stitching or the button itself broke.  Wide belt loops are a must for my 59 Belt.  The pockets are also a thin material, almost mesh, for holding score cards, tees, golf balls, mall marker, cell-phone or anything else you need to carry in one of the 4 pockets.

Adidas started the #FreeTheKnee campaign as a way to encourage golfers to wear shorts.  While I don’t always wear shorts because of the irritation that grass causes on the skin of my lower legs, when it is warm, I wear Adidas Ultimate Shorts.  They are the best I’ve every worn.  They have every feature perfect for playing golf in the warm weather.

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Quick Hits:
+Excellent fit
+Soft and stretchy
+Water repellent
+Superior details
+Many different color and pattern choices