Review: Adidas puremotion Golf Shoe

Adidas most unique shoes
 In the last 2 years, golf shoes have changed greatly.  The days of everyone wearing saddle shoes is over.  Now just about any style of shoe, has been replicated into a golf shoe.  The rise in popularity of “spikeless” shoes along with many companies thinking about the foot’s motion both walking and swinging have led to great advances in shoe design.
I think that Adidas Puremotion shoes are the most unique design out.  Their tread pattern on the bottom is the most aggressive and secure grip of any spikeless shoe.  I’ve used just about every spikeless shoe available and while I’ve never had traction in issues, these cut in and grip on any surface.  The angled lugs are sharp enough to dig in, yet still soft enough to wear on hard wood floors.  The have a skeletal look with the white treads for each individual toe.

 While I initially though these were going to be a “barefoot”style shoe, they really don’t offer that sensation.  The soles are thin, the toe box is wider, but they don’t flex like a barefoot shoe, it is more like a solid sole.  They are very comfortable right out of the box because of a very athletic upper design.

The pure motion that these do offer is how the whole shoe feels much like a yoga ball. The center treds of the shoe do not extend to the edges of the shoe so there  is lots of roll side to side and front to back.  These are really very different from the new Adidas Crossflex shoes (review here).  Those offer a very wide supportive sole, while these have a narrow sole that allows for more motion.  You really feel the motion when you walk, lot of heel to toe action.

 Of all the Adidas shoes I have reviewed, these are the widest.  They have a square toe box which really allows the foot to spread out. Adidas suggests getting a half size bigger.  I didn’t need that, but if you are on the edge, then I would for sure go up a 1/2 size.  They still have a pure Adidas’ look, the three stripes, the bright colors look great.  They are waterproof too, which is great for early morning rounds or a rainy day.    They also have a nice little feature of a thin rubber wrap around the big toe.  When you swing and raise up, even drag that big toe, your shoe is not going to wear out there.

If you are looking for a barefoot shoe, these aren’t really a true barefoot shoe, but they do offer a unique motion and excellent spikeless grip.  They are a great walking shoe, both on and off the course.

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Quick Hits
+Wide toe box
+Best Spikeless grip
+Natural motion
+Comfortable right out of the box

–Not really a “barefoot” shoe