Review: Adidas Tour 360 Boost Shoes

Grip when you need it, Boost when you want it
Modern golf shoes fall into 2 categories; spiked and spikeless.  While there are sub-categories of each, that singular feature often becomes a deciding factor in which golf shoes I wear.  I tend to lean toward the spikeless shoe for its use off the golf course. However I find myself reaching for the new Adidas Tour 360 boost shoes because of their comfort and grip.  You just can’t beat the grip of these shoes.  They are incredibly stable for swinging and walking yet the soft Boost material feels great as you walk down the fairway.
These are Adidas 10 year anniversary shoes since the first Tour Wraps came out.  I remember those shoes pretty vividly since I had just started getting into golf reviewing.  They were all the rage as the wrap separated the front and back of the shoes with stability around the arch of the foot.  It was much different time then.  In the last 10 years, things have come a long ways.  The biggest improvement is the comfort of shoes right out of the box.  When the Tour 360 Boost arrived I slipped them right on and was impressed by their comfort for a “structured” shoe.  They appeared to be stiff, but were actually very supple and comfortable on the very first step.  I went 18 holes on day one and they feel just as good now as they did then.

A big factor in their walking comfort is the “Boost” technology.  It looks like white styrofoam  was glued between the shoe and the sole.  It however does work really well to reduce impact during your steps and even a little pop as you lift your feet.  I know they’ve had this now for over a year in their shoes, but these were my first Adidas shoes with “Boost” and I have to admit that I really liked it.

I went with the white/black/red combo in the Adidas Tour 360 Boost Shoes, which looks really good.  The black stripe down the main shoe looks really nice.  I like the bold and athletic look.  The subtle red sole gives it just a little pop of color.  If this color isn’t for you, don’t worry they have 10 color options so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding your favorite.  They have a nice fit, that is structured to your foot, but not tight or restrictive.  They also are waterproof which you’d come to expect from a shoe like this.  While these are white, they did wipe clean very easily after rounds in sloppy conditions.

One issue I’ve had with Adidas in the past, that these shoes do as well is that they trap debris in the spikes.  They do such a good job of gripping that they just don’t want to let go of some grass, dirt or leaves.  It certainly isn’t a deal breaker, but just be aware that these shoes do require some cleaning on the bottom after each round.

Another interesting feature of these shoes is the gap between the sole and the tour wrap.  I understand how the feature works and see the benefits of it, but it too was a place the grass clippings tended to collect.

If you want  a super comfortable, very grippy, extremely stable golf shoe, the Adidas Tour 360 Boost are possibly the best I’ve had in all those categories.  They continue to work their way into my rotation of golf shoes.  I like their looks and the performance keeps my putting them on round after round.

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Quick Hits
+Super stable
+Extremely comfortable right out of the box
+Boost technology feels great walking
+Lots of color options
+Amazing traction

–Spikes retain debris