Review: Adidas Tour Pro Sunglasses

Golf Sunglasses do make a difference
I wear sunglasses for almost all of my rounds.  I have contacts and even if it is cloudy or dark, I still like to have them on for wind and dust protection.  For the last year I’ve used the same pair of sunglasses.  This fall they broke.  I was going to replace them until I saw these.  For some reason they really peaked my interest.  I hadn’t seen them in person, but reading about them I wanted to try them.
When they arrived I was really please with how classy they looked.  The pictures made them look kind of plain, but upon close inspection the plastic frames are a rich deep glossy black with some chrome accent and glossy red near the ears.   The lenses have a pretty good reflective coating on them too.  They aren’t completely mirrored, but they are much more mirrored than the pictures show. They have a kind of aviators look which I liked for both the classic yet sporty appeal of these glasses

The major feature of these glasses are the golf specific lenses.  They are called LST™ Active Silver Mirror lens (category 3 rose lens with Light Stabilizing Technology)  While I’m not science guy I can say that the ball really pops off the green grass and everything just has a crisper, clearer look while wearing these sunglasses.  The colors seem brighter and truer, yet I squinted less with these glasses on.  It is just a great lens color for golfing.  Even reading the greens was easier because of how the lenses could really make the tones and contours more obvious.  They did work well for driving too, but in the brightest of suns I’d like maybe just a little darker lens in the car.

The little details are what set these apart from some other glass.  The temple adjustment is one I’ve never had on a pair of my sunglasses before.  They twist vertically allowing the angle the lenses sit on your nose different.  It really adds to the comfort and overall function of these glasses.  The bows are semi curved and wrap to the head and behind the ear, but no forcefully causing any discomfort even wearing them all day long.  I’ve worn them for 9 straight hours and found them to be extremely comfortable on my head the whole time.  The nose piece is also tilt adjustable in and out depending on the size of the bridge of your nose.  Only tiny issue is that the nose pieces themselves are made out of a non-slip rubber, which is awesome on sweaty days, but also has a slight tendency to get sticky to your nose.  It has both a positive and a negative side.  They do no more even during moderate activity, but that means you almost peel them off your nose when you want to take them off.

They seemed pretty durable when it comes to drops.  I only dropped them once off the top of my hat, but they don’t show any signs of stress or damage from the drop.  They do come in a nice hard case when you are not using them, along with a cleaning pouch.  Being tossed around in my cart and car, the lenses seem to be holding up perfectly too.  No scratches or chips.  While I do try to take good care of them, sometimes you just can help but giving their durability a good workout.

Adidas might not be known for their sunglasses, but these are really good ones.  You will be happy you found them for golf.  Their lenses are the perfect tone for golfing, they keep the wind out of your eyes and they are really comfortable all in a nice classy looking combo.  They come in two color styles, red and black, or navy and yellow.    If you want a great golf specific pair of sunglasses, check out the Adidas Tour Pro sunglasses; they make a difference.

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Quick Hits
+Classy style
+Excellent golf specific lenses
+Comfortable to wear

–Sticky nose piece