Adidas Tour360 4.0 Golf Shoes

THiN to win
While “thin to win” is a phrase to speak about ball striking.  I think Adidas Tour360 4.0 shoes go thin to win with their newest version of the Tour360 shoes.  I haven’t had Adidas for a couple of years now, but the old pair I had was like wearing lifts.  I gained an inch or two when I wore those.  The Adidas Tour360 4.0 go the other direction and keep as little of the shoe as possible between your feet and the ground.
The Adidas Tour360 4.0s maintain the best feature of the 360 line since its inception.  The 360 wrap around the mid-sole and foot.  While the 3 bands serve as the Adidas logo, they also have function of wrapping the shoe to the foot right in the middle.  The 4.0 version of this moves the wrap a little higher up the foot, which seemed like a good move from what I could tell.  It was right across the arch of my foot where the laces cinched it together comfortably.  This is probably the biggest difference from what I could tell between the 3.0s and 4.0s.  The 3.0s seemed to angle more toward the toes, while the 4.0s seem more vertical.

The looks of the Adidas Tour 360 4.0s are very classy. The Adidas bands give a similar appearance to a saddle style shoe.  The white, white, black combo I have is simple, but good-looking.  

Getting new shoes can always be a test of wills when it comes to comfort.  How long is it going to take to break them in?  I decided to play a local moderately hilly course for my first round with them.  I slipped them on and didn’t notice any comfort concerns.  The fore foot was wide enough, the toe box was tall enough while the heal was padded and notched for comfort standing on the first tee.  But we all know that this is not the issue, what about when you get the 9th tee or the 18th tee.  Well I can confidently say, by hole 9, they felt the same as on hole 1 and by hole 18 I only felt the tiniest amount of rub on the heel.  By rounds 2 and 3 there were broken in 100% and fit like a glove.

I didn’t test their full waterproof ability by standing in any deep puddles, but there was some sloppy wet ground that had water about 1” deep.  I found no leakage or seepage of any sort.  They also wiped clean easy as can be.

While the big deal is the thin foot bed and thintech cleats, I didn’t find any lack of cushion on the bottoms of my feet.  The FiTFoam works as billed. As I walked on all the various surfaces of a golf course there was never a harsh or poking sensation on the soles of my feet.  I will say that you can slightly feel where the cleats are when walking on payment, but on the grass they felt just like a normal sneaker.  I never got comfortable with the old Adidas lift system so I found the new THiNTech to be right up my alley.  The couple of little touches that make these shoes really solid have to be the plastic toe and heel.  Both are designed to protect the leather from scuff and marks either while swinging, walking or removing shoes.  Also redesigned is the cleat base with adds additional perimeter support.

A couple of the other nice touches would be the vented tongue and X-static silver lining that is designed to help regulate the interior temperature of the shoe.  Both working in conjunction made for cool happy feet; how much it works, I don’t know for sure, but my feet were comfortable for all 18 holes.

The Adidas Tour360 4.0s are comfortable right out of the box and functional for all conditions and they truly are “THiN to win.”

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