REVIEW: Adidas Tour360 Knit Shoes

Wearing Socks with Spikes
Generally speaking, socks are the most comfortable thing to wear on our feet.  Besides going barefoot, just a soft sock that hugs our feet and offers a little cushion tends to be as good as it gets.  If they could just make a shoe that comfortable, wouldn’t that be great?  The new Adidas Tour360 Knit shoes are almost that good.  The woven uppers fit like a sock, yet the spiked bottoms with Boost cushion give you extreme traction and step after step support and cushion.
Adidas is starting to perfect “Knit” uppers for shoes.  It wasn’t too long ago that leather and canvas were still you main options for shoes.  These new knit/woven uppers are becoming game changers.  The ability to hug your foot without being restrictive yet not being to floppy  that they don’t hold your foot in place is really the key.  In the golf shoe adding a waterproof treatment is another success for these knit uppers.  The Adidas Tour360 Knit uppers offer a perfect balance of support, comfort and waterproof. 

The Knit uppers are attached to Adidas Tour360 frame which happens to be one of my favorite spiked soles.  The boost cushion under the forefoot and heel offers ample cushion on each step without getting squishy.  This is a big key for golf.  If the cushion is too squishy it feel like you don’t have proper ground connection for your swing, but if too firm, what is the point, you don’t have that walking comfort necessary.  Boost gets it just right.  The spike sole also has amazing traction.  I have never slipped with these shoes, even in hard wet conditions.  Really soft turf rarely causes anyone to slip, but it that rain on hard pack when the cleats have trouble gripping that gets slippery, which is what we find in the desert after a rain or even a watering.  The combo of the plastic nubs built into the sole and the spikes, these shoes grip.

The Adidas Tour360 Knit shoes arrived on “golf day” so I was able to take them straight off the FedEx truck to the course.  I was impressed how comfortable they were  the moment they slipped onto my feet.  One area that I’m always picky about my shoes is the heel cup.  Do they cause blisters right by my achilles tendon?  These shoes have a large cushion support pad there so I didn’t get any blisters and felt like these shoes had comfort and support around the heel.  I was also impressed by how clean these shoes stay, even though they are knit.  I had some really dusty rounds and had a dew sweeper round, and yet these still look like new.  I think the knit patter might help with that.  If they were a solid white, that may not be the case, but the grey and purple blend still looks great.  The majority of the color offerings  look to have a balance of colors.  They have laces, but they might not be completely necessary.  I didn’t notice much change when they came untied, although I could snug them up a little when tied.  I do however like the look of the laces.

The Adidas Tour360 Knit shoes are my new favorite spiked shoe.  While I still might prefer spikeless shoes because I can wear them to and from the course as well as playing, these shoes are amazing.  The knit upper fit like a sock and the Tour360 frame with boost and spikes grip the ground and cushion each step with good swing support.  The waterproof warranty is another bonus on such a comfortable, breathable, lightweight shoe.  The couple special edition models look really cool too.  If you want to golf in your socks, but need a little more traction and support than they offer, the Adidas Tour360 Knit shoes are for you.

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Quick Hits:
+Knit Comfort
+Tour360 Support
+Spiked Grip
+Boost Cushion
+Out of the box and ready to go