Adidas ZG21 Motion Primegreen BOA Golf Shoe Review

Enter the Matrix with BOA

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I wore the Adidas ZG21 Motion Primegreen BOA shoes for 5 rounds of golf.  Adidias continues to make one of the best spiked golf shoes on the market.  These “Matrix” styled shoes have BOA which is the best lacing system a shoe can have.    

This is the definitive Adidas ZG21 Motion Primegreen BOA Shoe Review for 2022.


The Adidas ZG21 Motion Primegreen BOA shoes have a very distinctive look, very “Matrix” like.  These appear to be a shoe Neo would were to the golf course.  The black with green pattern is certainly distinct, but subtle enough for even the stuffiest of country clubs.  They look really good with black pants.  Adidas does make them in 2 other colors if white or blue is more your preference.

My favorite feature of the Adidas ZG21 Motion Primegreen BOA golf shoes, is the BOA.  If you’ve read any of our other reviews, you know how big of a fan we are of BOA.  I’m convinced every shoe should have BOA.  The ease of use for on and off and getting a very precise fit is unmatched by laces of any kind.  I really like how this BOA isn’t the thin laces across the top of my foot, but rather locks down the PerformFit wrap on your foot.

The sole on the Adidas ZG21 Motion Primegreen BOA shoes is an aggressive spiked sole.  While is only has 6 spikes on each shoe, the placement and grip is unparalleled for swinging.  You can literally try to swing out of your shoes and these things lock down.  I also appreciate that Adidas has worked to make these sure that their new spikes don’t clog up with dirt and leaves.  While AZ doesn’t have a true fall like the midwest, when we get into December there are some leaves that fall off the trees.  I was really happy that these soles didn’t grab a handful of leaves on each step.

The Adidas ZG21 Motion Primegreen BOA shoes have a unique “high-top” look.  While they are called “mid” they are taller than almost every other shoe on the market.  While I have see Adidas doing this for years on the soccer cleats, it still isn’t common in golf shoes.  I like the style and found they work with shorts or pants.  The only wardrobe change I need to make was to make sure I was wearing taller socks.  It seemed that short socks created a wear spot between my ankle and the shoe.  I didn’t have issues with tall socks, but short ones had a rub spot on both ankles.

The Adidas ZG21 Motion Primegreen BOA shoes are great for any conditions.  While they have a “cloth” look to them, they are very weather proof.  The combination of waterproofing and high ankle cuff, means you can wear these during some rather wet weather and your feet will remain dry.  I also liked how they keep the dirt and dust off my socks from sand shots or desert shots.  AZ can get really dry this time of year and dust and dirt will often end up in your shoes, but not with these.

Walking 18 holes while wearing the Adidas ZG21 Motion Primegreen BOA shoes is a very comfortable experience for all 18 holes.  The combination of Boost and Lightstrike midsoles,  Thintech TPU outsole, Insite sockliner and the micro-tuning fit of the BOA fit means that these shoes are meant for walking.


Adidas ZG21 Motion Primegreen BOA golf shoes look like they came out of the Matrix.  They offer unique style with all the details a golfer wants in a spiked golf shoe.  The spike offer incredible traction, the overall design offers great weather/elements protection and BOA is the best lace system you can have on a shoe.  These are comfortable right out of the box.  Adidas continues to impress with their spiked shoes.

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Adidas ZG21 Motion Primegreen BOA Golf Shoes – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: Adidas ZG21 Motion Primegreen BOA shoes look like they are straight out of the Matrix and offer BOA fit with spiked traction..

  • ✅  Pros: BOA laces, Spiked traction, Element proof high-tops, Comfrtable, Unqiue style, Stablity.

  • ⛔  Cons: Rub without taller socks.

  • ⛳  Verdict: If you want spikes and BOA, these are the best.


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