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Ahh towel review

I used an Ahh Towel to cool down after my last 4 rounds of golf at AZ courses. 

Here is my impression of how and when to best use these cooling towels. 

Ahh towel review
Ahh Towel – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About Ahh Towel is a single use, self-cooling towel designed to cool and clean after any activity.

  • 💰 Price $17.99 6-pack

  • ✅  Pros Single use, 20* cooler, Smells great, Convenient, Take anywhere

  • ⛔  Cons Cool only lasts 2 minutes, $3 per towel, duplicates golf course cool towels

  • ⛳  Verdict The Ahh Towel does exactly what it says; it is a self-cooling, single use towel that smells great and feels wonderful after 18 holes.


Many golfers around the world might not be familiar with the post-round cool towel.  I grew up playing golf in the Midwest and we didn’t have cool towels after golf.  While there are some very hot summer days, there were only a few rounds each year that were really oppressive.  Since the heat was only a few days a year, golf courses don’t provide a cool towel at the end of your round to wipe down with.  However, moving to AZ it is pretty much commonplace to be handed a cool towel after 18 holes.  Wouldn’t it be nice just to have your own cool towel so that you aren’t relying on the course to provide that, nor do you have to worry about reusing someone else’s dirty towel?  Ahh Towel is a personal single use, self-cooling towel which uses a chemical reaction inside the towel to cool you down after a round of golf.

The Ahh Towel is self-cooling.  We’ve all seen the towels you get wet and they are cooler than the air.  They kind of work, but I’ve never really found them to be that cool.  The Ahh Towel on the other hand, is 20* cooler through an internal chemical reaction.  There are crystals on one side and liquid on the other.  Once you break the seal between the two sides and shake, the towel becomes immediately cold. 

The Ahh Towel isn’t really a towel in the traditional sense of a terry cloth or microfiber towel, but about the size of a big cell phone and has a cloth like outer shell. It comes individually sealed with a fragrant liquid pack that you pour over the outside of the towel to make it wet, along with a nice mint fragrance.  Then you pop or crack the inner seal of the towel to mix the inside chemicals.  This takes some good force.  I was worried that I was going to pop the whole thing, but the inner seal breaks every time first.  This gives you then a couple minutes (at most) of cool sensation to wipe down your face, neck, arms and legs.  After a couple minutes it doesn’t feel cool and then you just throw it away.

The Ahh Towel works just as described.  It gets very cool the touch and feels great wiping down your skin after a round of golf.  However, most courses here in AZ offer this service free of charge or have access to cool water to put on a towel to do the same thing.  Some courses even offer scented towels which rival Ahh Towels.  So it seemed a bit redundant here in AZ.

The Ahh Towel works for golf, but is perfect for hiking, biking or other outdoor activities that don’t have access to coolers, cold water, towels, or an attendant handing you a fresh cold towel after 18 holes.  If you venture out into the wilderness where comforts of a clubhouse are not accessible, the Ahh Towel is an absolute game changer.  I love going for hikes in the desert, but sometimes as the temperatures rise, it can be hard to cool down.  The Ahh Towel is a game changer because it is cooler and doesn’t require the help of ice or water.


The Ahh Towel is a single use self-cooling towel that smells great, feels wonderful and after 18 holes of golf is incredibly refreshing.  In a COVID-19 world it is nice to be self-contained at the end of your round. Since golfing is rarely rustic or removed from other cooling resources, the Ahh Towel may not be necessary, but for other adventures like camping, hiking or biking, these could be a life saver in the heat.

Available on Amazon here

For more information: www.ahhtowel.com



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