Review: Aldila Tour Blue and Green Shafts

Tour Shafts that will Benefit the Amateur
It becomes clearer round after round and tournament after tournament how much better tour players are than amateurs.  If you go to your local course, country club or muni, you are not going to find guys at that level.  Even the club champion or head pro is rarely going to have the game of the tour guys.  They are just that much better.  But that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t like to play like them and won’t find benefits from their equipment.  Now that is not to say we should be playing the exact same specs as they do, but some of their “tour” equipment works very well for us, when fit to our specs.  The new Aldila Tour Blue and Green shafts are proof of that.  I’ve seen numerous guys on tour putting these shafts in play and winning.  As well as many amateurs have them in their clubs.  They have becoming very popular for a reason.
I was able to get these two shafts in play and tipped up for my SLDR driver, which seems to be a very common alternative to the stock shafts that I see guys playing, blue or green.  I was able to get them in play on my trip to California, since we are buried under mountains of snow in MN.  I had played the stock shaft for a number of rounds and was pleased with the results, but my Flightscope testing showed me that the stock shaft’s spin was still higher than the target numbers. I was excited to see what “Tour” shafts would do in my amateur hands.

I started with the Blue, which is billed a the higher launching mid spin shaft.   I immediately could feel the difference, this shaft felt better than the stock shaft.  Much smoother and easier to load.  It was a stiff flex like I normally play, but just felt really good.  On the tee box I found this shaft hit higher than the stock shaft, but spin was still about the same.  While I didn’t have an accuracy problem with the stock shaft, the Blue was just a little tighter yet.  I don’t think I hit any more fairways than before, but was less off line.  What I did pick up was some height.  My launch angle went up, which also translated to a couple more yards of carry.  This is the biggest benefit of the Blue.  High Launch with moderate spin and excellent feel.  With so much discussion about the “Loft Up” with low spin of the SLDR, this might be a really good fit for many golfers looking for “tour” feel and accuracy with solid numbers to back it up.

I moved to the Green and mixed it up with the Blue to see the differences.  Immediately I noticed the change in flight.  The Green is lower flight, but oh so long.  The feel was just a hair tighter than the Blue, but still really smooth.  As I brought the launch down a couple degrees I also dropped the spin which really helped me gain length and accuracy.  As you can see from the charts below, the green shaft was a better fit for my swing.  That takes nothing away from the Blue, if you have a smoother swing and don’t generate excess spin, it could be a killer combo.  I just felt more confident and swung better with the green shaft as the numbers say, but also on course I found more fairways and was longer.

While we all know that shaft looks don’t impact their performance, but yet we are inclined to install a shaft we like the looks of and these are lookers.  The matte color near the grip which blends into a matte black/grey color is very appealing; not too bold, not too subtle.  They look almost like stock shafts in the SLDR.

Aldila offers two tour shafts to fit your game.  As you can see from the numbers they are different and depending on your needs, one might fit you better than the other.  For me the Tour Green is going to be my gamer in the SLDR.  I am really liking the feel, control and confidence it offers.  Hitting fairways with good distance is really beneficial for scoring.  Aldila produced tour quality shafts that will benefit the amateur as well. 

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Quick Hits:
+Super comfortable
+Easy to use
+Open ear design
+Good sound

–Sound leak

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