Review: Alial Fital Dress Polo

Unexpectedly Awesome
When I first heard a former NFL quarterback (Gibram Hamdan) was the designer of golf polos I didn’t really take notice.  When I heard that Bo Van Pelt was wearing this new brand, I didn’t really pay any attention to it.  Until one day I saw a picture of one of the nicest golf shirts I had ever seen, but didn’t know who had made it.  While I didn’t give them much credit initially, I think Alial Fital makes the best golf shirts of any company right now.

Let me explain why I am so impressed by Alial Fital dress polos.  First off their style is really unlike any other brand on the market.  I only have one other shirt even close to the style.  The patterned outer collar, often with a different inner collar, in contrast to the main shirt pattern really sets these shirts apart.  You can instantly tell if someone is wearing an Alial Fital dress polo.
Not only is this multi-material use appealing, the actual styles and color schemes overall lent to a very unique, yet classy look.  I’ve even worn my shirt to work a few times and always receive multiple compliments.  They look very stylish on or off the course.  This is always a plus when you can use a shirt for more than one purpose.

Another excellent feature is the fitting guide on the Alial Fital website.  It can be so frustrating to by a Large in on brand and small in another, never really knowing how the size will fit in comparison to your other shirts.   Most of us know the dress shirt and suit coat size we wear based on the measurements, so using that scale to fit dress polo is an excellent idea.  I didn’t need to worry about getting the wrong size, because they fit just like the measurements.  I like that the short sleeves are short.  They reach to just about mid-bicep and the shoulder hem is right on the corner.  The 4 button collar is just right too.  The final fit aspect that is nice is that these shirts are long in the torso.  If you are tall, these will fit just fine, you might even be able to wear one untucked, but for most of us, the best look is tucked in.

On top of all of this, the materials of the body of the short sleeve shirts are synthetic/“dry-fit”, so there is no shrinkage or fading that takes place after washing.  But you still might want to be gentle with the shirts because the colors are cotton materials that will wrinkle or shrink of you use the drier on these shirts.

I wish I could get Alial Fital clothing in my Short Par 4 monthly apparel subscription! You can read more about that here.

My order included a long-sleeve dress polo.  The long-sleeve shirt is a bamboo cotton like material that is a little warmer.  This shirt has the collar material also at the cuff around your wrist.  It is such a unique look for a long-sleeved shirt.  Yet the unique look is done in a way that no one is staring at you wondering if you looked in the mirror, but looking and wondering where they can get one of these shirts.

Alial Fital offers these polos at a reasonable price, even running some discounts, making them very much in line with any shirt you are going to find at the golf store.  While the actually materials come from different parts of the world, the shirts are designed and made here in the US. The company headquarters is nearby in Minneapolis, MN.  They also ship these shirts out in high quality boxes and packaging.

I did not expect to be so impressed with these shirts, but they are awesome.  There are a number of different colors and styles to fit your needs.  You won’t be disappointed by Alial Fital dress polos.

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Quick Hits
+Classy, unique style
+Excellent materials
+Great fit and fitting tool
+Top notch service