Alphard Club Booster V2 w/ Sidekick Electric Caddy Review

Love Your Push Cart and Want An Electric Caddy? Alphard Offers The Best Of All Worlds

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Alphard Club Booster V2

I love my Clicgear Push Carts, but I also love Electric Caddies.  Alphard Club Booster V2 combines both of those loves.  Add the CB Sidekick and you have your favorite cart, an electric caddy and follow mode.   This is simply the best of all worlds when it comes to using what you already have and giving it a big boost for walking 18 holes.     

This is the my definitive review of the Alphard Club Booster V2 w/ Sidekick Electric Caddy for 2024.

Alphard Club Booster V2

Club Booster V2

I reviewed the first Alphard Club Booster 5 years ago and was impressed by the remote electric caddy.  Since then they have improved the power, the stability and the overall function of the Alphard Club Booster in the V2 version.  The better battery life, the smoother roll, anti-wheelie wheels all make this a big step forward and one of the best electric caddies on the market.  The investment is less than its competitors because you can attach it to the push cart you already have. The push cart’s rear wheels and brackets need to be removed so that new brackets can be installed for the Club Booster V2 to be mounted to your push cart. Unfortunately you can’t go back and forth between push cart wheels and Alphard power wheels easily, but it can be done with a screw driver and 15 minutes.  However the “free wheel” mode allows you work it like a push cart.

Use Your Favorite Push Cart

I’ve tried at least 5 other electric caddies and the one issue I always seem to have with them is the fact that they aren’t as good of a cart as my Clicgear.  The Clicgear Push Cart has all the features I find most useful in a push cart: balance, storage, compact fold, stable, easy to push, smooth roll and bag brackets/straps. I’ve often said I wish I could combine my Clicgear cart with the electric caddy and follow features of other electric carts. Alphard Club Booster V2 offers that not only for Clicgear, but for your favorite Bagboy, Sun Mountain, Big Max, Etc.  If you love the pushcart you already own, this is the perfect addition.

CB Sidekick Follow

A new accessory for the Alphard Club Booster V2 Electric Caddy is the CB Sidekick.  This is a gyroscope driven “follow” accessory that you mount to your bag or handle and it talks to the Club Booster wheels and will follow the remote you are carrying.  The genius of the Sidekick is the fact that the follow mode can be right, left of behind.  Every other follow cart stays 5 yards behind you (and i you don’t pay attention sometimes ends up 100 yard behind you if it doesn’t move)  The CB Sidekick can follow 5 yards next to you on either side you so you can see it easily and navigate the course with it by your side.  I found I liked the Left side follow.  You just get yourself on the left side of the cart, watch the gyroscope CB Sidekick rotate around and start walking with the remote in your pocket.  The Club Booster V2 Electric Caddy will start moving the cart along side you down the path and into the fairway.  It is absolutely BRILLIANT!!


You end up with 2 remotes if you attach the CB Sidekick to your Alphard Club Booster V2 Electric Caddy.  The regular remote that comes with the wheels offers easy steering and navigation.  Hit the forward button and it goes, you don’t hold it down.  Click it a couple more times to increase speed.  There are also a “15” and “30” button which make the cart go forward those many yards.  Reverse button is either slow down or hold down for going backwards.  Its default setting has the internal gyroscope on which helps balance and navigate for straight rolls.  It can sometimes cause some jerky movements on hills that you can turn off.  The other really nice features is the “free wheel mode” or neutral which allows the wheel to act like a push cart.  If you turn off the Club Booster you can push it like a regular push cart, another feature Electric Caddies don’t have easily accessible.  The CB Sidekick remote can do many of the same tasks, but it also has the L, R or B follow modes.  You need to navigate the screen to see which mode you are in and the additional buttons to make sure the cart is doing what you want it to do.  There is a much longer learning curve with this remote.  The magnetic clip for you pocket is really nice to have the remote in hand and then just stick it to your pocket.

Rolling on The Course

The real benefits come when the wheels roll on the course without pushing.  You spent 15 minutes at homing getting the cart ready, you packed everything in the back of you car and now you have it assembled in the golf course parking lot.  How do the next 4 hour go with the Alphard Club Booster V2 Electric Caddy??  Even though I’ve used electric caddies before, there was a little learning curve with the CB Sidekick and its remote.  It just takes a few tries and pushing the right buttons at the right time, but I really liked the clubs next to me compared to behind me.  I liked having them in sight and could even see clearly the turf, path, or pothole it was rolling over. The wheelie bars really help keep the cart stable on hills so you can take this cart “anywhere” you ball goes.  I think it takes 18 holes to really start to get comfortable with everything.  While it is mostly a mental exercise for the first 18 holes, the physical benefits are really nice.  Less fatigue, less stress, and certainly a more enjoyable 5 mile walk.  I find the pace of play really good as you walk and move at a natural pace compared to pushing a cart or lugging the clubs over your shoulders.

Should You Electric Caddy?

YES!!  I really enjoy using any electric caddy.  However, I think that Alphard makes it accessible and functional for golfers that already walk with a push cart.  If you normally rent a power cart from the course, you might want to consider the health, pace and enjoyment factors of your round will increase with an electric caddy.  Alphard Club Booster V2 with CB Sidekick is one of the most economical investments if you already own a push cart.  The features are going to make you love it.  5 years ago I was the only person on the course that was using an Electric Caddy; today I’ll see multiple other golfers using some version of an electric push cart.  I like that the Alphard Club Booster V2 allows you to choose the cart you want to use and doesn’t lock you into “their” cart.


Alphard Club Booster V2 Electric Caddy with CB Sidekick is  enjoyable, functional and economical.  I like that I could attach it to my Clicgear cart with all of its functions.  I think the CB Sidekick is genius allowing the cart to follow right, left or behind.  The remotes easily drive the cart around the course.  There is an 18 hole learning curve to get completely comfortable with all of its functions.  The battery life can easily make 36+ holes on a single charge.  The wheelie bars keep everything stable so that your cart can go wherever you walk.  I am impressed by all the features and functions of the Alphard Club Booster V2 Electric Caddy, especially with the CB Sidekick.  I highly recommend this electric caddy to go with your favorite push cart. 

For more information: Alphard Golf Website

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