REVIEW: American Putter Company Custom Headcovers

If You Can Imagine It, They Can Make It

Headcovers are one of the simple ways to express yourself on the golf course without annoying everyone around you.  I’ve found my headcovers have become conversation starters whenever I play with unfamiliar faces.  They immediately gravitate toward them to check them out and then ask questions about them or about what they mean to me.  Up until now, you were pretty limited in terms of custom options.  There are a few that do custom embroidery on headcovers so you could design something for them to sew up, but now you can get virtually anything you want on a headcover.  If you have a JPEG on your phone or computer, American Putter Company can turn that into a headcover.

American Putter Company is looking to change the conversation about custom putters and now custom headcovers.  They aren’t out to pry $1000s from your hands for products that cost much less to produce.  They make awesome products at a fair price.  I worked with them to get an awesome “family” focused putter.  It has the names and birth places of my family.  When American Putter Company said they could take that to the next level with custom putter cover I was intrigued.  I found a picture of all my boys when they were the same age.  I submitted that on the American Putter Company website and just like that, I had a proof.  About a month later I had the product in-hand.  It really was as simple as that to get a custom headcover unlike any other out there.

The American Putter Company custom putter headcover is just like their regular putter covers in terms of design.  It has thick padding, nice interior fur and a strong magnetic closure.  If you check out their other putter covers you will be impressed by the designs and quality.  This one is just as impressive.  They “print” your design onto the leather-like cover.  I’ve been using it now for multiple rounds and it looks like new.  The flex spots on the cover show no signs of wear or cracking, the picture is holding up perfectly.  You aren’t limited to blade putter covers either, they offer them for drivers, fairway woods, hybrids or mallet putters.

If you have a logo, a picture, a design, or anything that you can create in a JPEG form, American Putter Company can put it on a headcover; your imagination is the limit.  If you want to spend a little more they can even do it with embroidery.  American Putter Company is all about giving people what they want, and this is just another example of that.  If you can imagine a headcover, they can make it for you.

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Quick Hits:
+Easy ordering system
+Quick turn around
+Fully custom
+Anything you can imagine
+High quality