REVIEW: ARCCOS 360 w/Caddie

The Best Golf Tech. Period
While golf may have been slow to adopt technology, there are some new technologies that can truly change the game. When it comes to fitting, things like Gears and FlightScope have changed how serious golfer buy clubs; it is not just guesswork, but science. The addition of GPS or Laser Rangefinders has overhauled how golfers get distances on the course. But the best golf tech available is ARCCOS 360. It has the potential to completely change your game if you use all the information it has. Yes, there are some other golf tracking devices out there, but ARCCOS 360 is the best hands down. Period.
The 1st generation ARCCOS was really good.  I loved everything that it offered and had very few complaints about it.  I used it faithfully for probably 40 rounds.   I was really excited to get the ARCCOS 360 because the smaller sensors are a great improvement.  I had already been using the updated app so I was pretty familiar with those features.  The smaller sensors use less battery, take up less space, look better, and don’t seem to impact the feel like the 1st generation sensors did.  While it wasn’t much, there was a noticeable extension of your club above your hands with the previous sensors, which isn’t noticeable now.
The real benefit of the ARCCOS 360 is the improved sensitivity of the new sensors.  While I had some issues my first round using the ARCCOS 360, it was because I didn’t follow the directions.  You need to carry your phone in your front pocket, not your back pocket.  They said that, but I didn’t believe them; oops.  One things I love about ARCCOS is the ability to turn on the app, start a round, put the phone in your front pocket and never think about it again until your round is done.
Another improvement of the ARCCOS 360 is the pairing time was dramatically shortened.  It now is as simple as screwing the sensor into the grip, picking that club on the phone and then pointing the camera at the sensor, literally 2 seconds later it was paired.  Almost as fast as I could screw the sensors into the ends of the grip, my whole bag was paired with my iPhone and ready for play.
After you play 5 rounds with ARCCOS 360 you can unlock the Caddie feature.  This may actually be the biggest advancement in golf technology.  It takes into account your club averages, your misses, your tendencies, the weather, elevation, the hole design, and tells you how to play every shot. (minus reading putts)  It also gives you what you can expect to score on the hole and compares your options if you choose a different club.  The ARCCOS and Microsoft partnership to crunch and deliver all this data on the course is outstanding.  I’ve used the ARCCOS Caddie feature on numerous rounds and it is simply AWESOME. 

If you are not using ARCCOS 360 with Caddie you are missing out on better scores.  It is real data, in real time, with the real ability to help you play better.  The 360 sensors are more accurate, smaller and easier to set-up.  If  you use the caddie feature, you gain even more insight and help to play each hole to the best of your ability.  You still have to hit quality shots, but it gives you the confidence to know what club to hit and how to play every hole.  ARCCOS 360 not only tracks all those stats and crunches them for the caddie feature, but it also helps you track your handicap and see your scores improve.  ARCCOS 360 is simply the best golf tech.  Period.

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Quick Hits:
+Easy set-up
+Precise data
+Improves scoring
+Amazing Caddie information
+Tracks everything
+Super easy app