Review: Arccos Driver

Tracking the One Club Everyone Talks about for Fun & Bragging Rights
For the past 2 seasons I have used some form of shot-tracking device.  My “go-to” was the Arccos GPS shot tracking system.  It used 14 Bluetooth enabled grip caps which synced with my iPhone to track every shot I took on the course.  For the most part it worked seamlessly.  I knew how far I hit every club and how many shots I took on every hole.  I love it, but it might be information overload for some.  So for 2016 Arccos introduced the simplified Arccos Driver.  It only tracks your driver and added some fun competitive features.
Anyone familiar withArccos has seen the green grip caps, the driver is blue.  It is a way to get people introduced to the technology.  Besides that, most golfers just want to talk about their driver/driving distances anyways.  You’ve been at the 19th hole grabbing a drink to hear golfer after golfer talk about that drive they hit on hole 12 or how far they hit the ball off the tee.  Most golfers you know don’t hit it as far as they think, especially on average.  With one little Arccos sensor that all changes.  Simply turn it on, hit shots and Arccos tracks every driver shot.
My first question was, how does one sensor know where the ball landed?  I asked that to the engineers at Arccos and they gave me a long answer about their logarithms and experience from the full Arccos shot tracking and they use all the fancy iPhone features to guestimate where you are when you hit your 2nd shot.  I’ll admit I was skeptical if it would work.  I’m 10 rounds in and it has only missed 3 shots.  Usually giving me more distance than I actually hit.  It missed my second shot and thought that my 3rd shot was actually where my tee-shot landed.  Not bad for about 125 drives.  Besides as I went back over my round it was pretty obvious and super easy to edit.
The edit feature is nice just in case you are right on the edge of a fairway, but you stand in the rough, it might say you missed a fairway when you didn’t.  The Arccos Driver iPhone app is easy to navigate and understand.  It shows up as a target circle that you landed in.  Just slide your ball over and it will now read as fairway hit.  If you think it is way off you can manually edit it to another target where it kind of thought maybe you hit from.
The Leadboard feature is where the fun really begins.  Arccos creates challenges for you to accomplish like  “3 bombed drives” and “5 fairways hit” is you goal for a round.  It tallies up your yardage total for all the drives and then you get bonus points if you can complete the challenge.  I’ve made the top 10 of the Leaderboard a few times, but not the top spot yet.  It’s cool to see how others are hitting their driver in comparison.  The only downside is that you can see every drive they hit, just their score.

I’m still maybe a full Arccos GPS shot tracking guy, but I will probably keep using the Arccos Driver too on less serious rounds. As a side note you’d need 2 phones to run both the full package and driver at the same time.  You can run both apps on the same phone simultaneously. The price point of just the Arccos Driver is more reasonable than the full Arccos GPS shot tracking.  Plus you can get one free with the purchase of a new Cobra King driver (F6, F6+ and LTD).  I will admit that the Arccos Driver is certainly more fun and you get to brag about the only club everyone wants to talk about anyways. 

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Quick Hits
+Very easy to set up and us
+Good price point
+Free with purchase of Cobra King driver

–Only tracks drives