Arccos Smart Sensors (Gen 3+) & Link (Gen 2) Review

Improve with Shot Tracking While Not Missing A Shot

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I used the Arccos Smart Sensors (Gen 3+) and Arccos Link (Gen 2) with Arccos Caddie for 6 rounds of golf.  I’ve used Arccos in the past with success and found the newest version even better.  Arccos reworked the Link to better capture shots and avoid practice swings while the sensors, especially the putter sensor more accurately detects strokes. The Arccos caddie app has continued to evolve and offer greater insight for improvement. 

This is the definitive Arccos Smart Sensor (Gen 3+) & Link (Gen 2) Review for 2022.


Arccos Smart Sensors (Gen 3+) and Link (Gen 2) have been the cream of the crop when it comes to shot tracking.  The combination of hardware and software make it thoughtless and easy to capture all the data you could ever want while playing a round of golf.  While golfers hear about all these stats every tour event they watch on TV; Arccos offers all of that information for amateurs to improve their game.   If you are serious about getting better; Arccos is the best tool for tracking shots and showing you how to improve.

The new Arccos Link (Gen 2) is the biggest advancement in my mind.  While the Link (Gen 1) was awesome; it seemed to miss a number of shots and was much more sensitive to belt/pocket placement.  Link (Gen 2) didn’t miss a single shot over 6 rounds of golf, nor did it add any extra shots.  (The only addition the user needs to make is penalty shots, no system can automatically add those.) The exact details I wrote down on the score card matched perfectly with the information that Arccos collected via the Link (Gen 2).  The battery life is improved, but still not the longevity I was hoping for.  It really needed to be recharged after every round.  I did stretch it once to 36 holes, but just barely.  If you forget to turn it off immediately after the round, it won’t make a 2nd 18 either.  I’d love to see an improved battery life, but the shot capturing improvement is certainly impressive. 

The next significant Arccos advancement is the new putter Smart Sensor.  It is much smaller which works well on the smaller pistol style grips.  It found it to be a better sensitive.  I don’t think I’d call it more sensitive, but accurate sensitive.  Previous models you had to be careful not to tap down a ball mark with your putter because it would count it as a shot.  Now it can “feel” the difference between tapping the ground and putting a ball.  The other club sensors are now on Gen 3+ and they too are quickly recognized by the app and record only the shots you hit, not practice strokes.  I was impressed that every shot was recorded and none where added or missed while playing 6 rounds of golf.  The Link and Smart Sensor combination is perfect.

The Arccos Caddie App is still one of my favorite features of the shot tracking system since it clearly displays information and what it means.  The handicap, strokes gained, the areas of strength/weakness all show quickly and easily which charts and numbers.  Diving deeper allows you really dial in distances and clubs based on actual shots during a round, not just perfect lie/no pressure shots on a range.  If you go “all-in” you can use the caddie feature for GPS yardages and club suggestions based on your data.  I’ve found the caddie to know your game better than what you think about your ability.  If you want to be honest about your game and strive to be better, Arccos Caddie is the best method for improvement.


Arccos improved every aspect of their shot tracking system with the new Smart Sensors (Gen 3+) and Link (Gen 2).  The Arccos Caddie App also keeps evolving to create a more user friendly way of presenting the information.  If you truly want to improve your game, you need a shot tracking system and Arccos is the best.  The new hardware didn’t miss a shot and is so easy to use “passively” while playing without touching or looking at anything or “actively” with the caddie app open to assist shot after shot.  Arccos continues to impress with their accuracy and easy of use.  If you want to improve while not missing a shot, upgrade to the newest Arccos Smart Sensors (Gen 3+) and Link (Gen 2).

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Arccos Smart Sensors (Gen 3+) & Link (Gen 2) – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: Arccos remains the leader in "hands free" shot tracking hardware and software. The Smart Sensors (Gen 3+) and Link (Gen 2) make it easy to plug and play. Every shot is tracked and the app allows you to impove from the information.

  • ✅  Pros: Accurate shot collection, Easy to use Link, Caddie app details, Use without input during the round. App makes it easy to digest shot data.

  • ⛔  Cons: Link's short battery life, Yearly subsciption fees.

  • ⛳  Verdict: The Arccos Smart Sensors (Gen 3+) and Link (Gen 2) are a significant upgrade to their ability to collect accurate shot data. This hardward never misses a shot which pairs perfectly with their continuously upgrading Caddie app software. If you want to get better through data while never missing a shot, You should upgrade to the new Arccos.


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