Review: Arnie Wear Apparel

Fit for a king of any decade
One of the greatest names in golf for the last hand full of decades has been Arnold Palmer also known as the “King”. He has had an iconic look for all those years.  It has been somewhat tradition, but always stylish.

In 2012 he partnered with Quagmire golf apparel company out of Canada to create his own line of clothes called “Arnie Wear”.  It is comprised of 4 distinct lines; 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, and Timeless.  Each is patterned after Palmers look from that era.  There are even some old photos that match up nicely with the new clothes. They also have a great brand ambassador in Ryan Moore who has a style all his own, and wears the “Arnie” line nicely.

For review I only received a couple of pieces; one from the 70’s line and one from the timeless collection, so I can’t comment on how everything looks from the different era lines.  The “Governor” black polo and the “Hole Out” white plaid pair of shorts I have look really great together. 

The “Governor” black polo is a medium like all the other brands I wear and is a great fit.  Short sleeves and a slim, yet athletic cut.  The “dry-fit” material is smooth and shiny and offers just a small amount of stretch.  It is thin enough that even on hot days it was still comfortable.  The real distinguishing feature of this polo is the large white silhouette logo of Arnie on the chest.  Another nice little touch is that the buttons say “Arnie Circa 1970” on them.
The “Hole Out” shorts are a mostly white with black and grey plaids.  I was worried when they showed up in a size 32.  I figured there was no chance I would get them on.  But to my surprise they fit and actually quite well.  I would say they run almost a whole size big.  So order accordingly.  The look is really classy.  All the details are nice too, slotted deep front pockets, and wide deep rear pockets.  The inseam is a good length, not too long, not short.  They didn’t flare out either.  The only issue that happens with any white materials is that they get dirty.  The fabric right by the pockets got a little dirty from reaching in for tees and my ball marker.  Thankfully the polyester washed up nicely looking just like new even after multiple washes.
If you are looking for something a little different when it comes to golf apparel, check out this Arnold Palmer inspired line from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and Timeless pieces.  It is all well done with great materials, a nice fit and a style worthy of a king.

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Quick Hits
+Arnold Palmer inspired
+Decade based looks
+Fit for golfers
+Modern materials

–Sizing might be a little tricky