Review: Asher Golf Gloves

Gloves Don't Have to be Boring to be Good
Golf Gloves were/are plain and boring; mostly white with an OEM logo on the velcro closure.  Back in 2009 Asher set out to change the golf glove world by bringing some life and style to their designs.  After a good start, they fell on some unfortunate times, lost their leader and their way.  But in 2017 they rose from the ashes and are back with a full collection of awesome gloves that are anything but boring.   If you are tired of plain white gloves, but don’t want to give up performance, you are going to want to check out Asher Golf Gloves.  These stylish gloves offer a great fit, excellent comfort and cool looks.
Asher’s new collection consists of three main lines; Premium, Death Grip and Chuck.  They each have very different looks, but they also have very different designs.  Each line has distinct leathers and obvious style difference.  I wasn’t expecting so much variety in the feel of these gloves.  The leathers are all very different.  They all fit the same, but you could tell the difference between each glove on the course.  I found the L to be right in line with other golf glove companies.  I really liked the cuts of these gloves so that there was no seams that rubbed funny or gapping between fingers.  The cut and finish of these gloves was well done.  They all offer good grip on the club so that the very reason I wear a glove was solidly executed.

Premium Collection – Alta

The Premium Collection is made of the best cabretta leather.  I assumed that all cabretta leather gloves are the same, but after testing this glove compared to other cabretta leather gloves, that is not true.  The Alta Glove is the softest glove I’ve ever worn and it stays that way round after round.  The longevity of the soft, supple leather is the most impressive part of this glove.  My hands get hot and sweaty in AZ.  The 100*+ heat of summer golf takes a toll on gloves, which usually means crusty gloves after a few rounds.  I’m 5 rounds in with the Alta and still as soft as the day I opened the package.  The style is a little more subdued, but just enough to be different.

Death Grip Collection – White

The Death Grip Collection is the original design that I remember most from Asher back in 2009.  The design is going to grab your attention.  You can’t hide this glove while you are wearing it.  The “bones” on your hand have a distinct look, but it’s the leather again that impresses.  They use what they call “CoolTech” leather on this glove; it is basically perforated leather.   Since moving to AZ learning to cope with the extreme desert heat is a learning experience.  The Death Grip glove was a really nice surprise because of how nicely it breathed on my hand.  The irony of this glove is  as the heat has a death grip on you, the death grip glove keeps your hand cooler.

Chuck Collection – Lime Green

The Chuck Glove is another solid offering from Asher.  While the leather isn’t as soft as the Premium line, nor does it use CoolTech leather, it offers a bold look at a more reasonable price.  Many other bright colored gloves run 2x or 3x as much.  Asher offers the same great design and fit of their other lines in a bold look and reasonable price.  The “wow” factor comes with many bold colored options you can get to match your bold apparel choices.

 Asher has returned with a great line-up of gloves.  You can choose between the ultimate comfort of the Premium line, the CoolTech of the Death Grip line or the bold color of the Chuck line.   I certainly liked all three gloves, but my favorite is the Alta of the Premium line.  The leather is amazing and the style is just right.  I could see getting every glove in that collection and rotating through those styles.  Btu the bold look of the Death Grip was really nice when it was 115* and the lime green Chuck looks cool with my lime green polo.  You can’t really go wrong with any of the Asher Gloves, they are well designed and built.  You don’t have wear a boring golf glove to get great performance.  Check out the new Asher and their excellent line up of high quality gloves.

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Quick Hits:
+Excellent leathers
+Solid construction
+Variety of options
+Good fit

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