Average Driver Distance

The average golf driving distance for an “average” male golfer is about 215 yards.

The average driving distance for an “average” female golfer is around 140 yards.

These figures are calculated using driving distance data from the USGA, additional data services, and average handicaps from the USGA.

Average Driver Distance

Of course, much more information plays into average driver distance for amateur golfers, broken down more precisely below.

Male Golfers

Male Golfers

Skill level is the primary factor when looking at average driving distance. The USGA broke driving distance into four handicap categories in its 2019 study: less than 6, 6 to 12, 13 to 20, and 21 and greater. The difference in driving distance between the highest and lowest handicaps was nearly 63 yards, with the ‘less than six’ handicaps averaging 239.2 yards and the ’21 and greater’ handicaps averaging 176.6 yards.

Players with a handicap between six and 12 averaged 219.8 yards off the tee, while players with a handicap between 13 and 20 averaged right at 200 yards.

According to Arccos Golf, in 2021, the gap had shrunk significantly between the highest and lowest handicaps. The players’ categories differed between the two studies but were close enough for comparison. The best players – those with a handicap of five or lower – average 238 yards off the tee. Meanwhile, the golfers with a handicap greater than 20 averaged 205 yards.

Age Impacts Distance

Age also has an impact on the average driving distance of a player. As expected, younger golfers hit the ball farther than older players, though the decline is pretty minor until the player reaches his fifties. Slower club head speed resulting from less flexibility certainly plays a role.

Players in their twenties average 243 yards off the tee. Players in their thirties aren’t too far behind at 241 yards. Players in their forties see a more significant decline in average distance, dropping to 232 yards. Once a player hits his fifties, he has lost nearly 20 yards from the peak average, coming in at 224 yards. From that point forward, declines of over 10 yards per decade occur, with the average dropping to 212 yards for players in their sixties and 196 yards for players 70 and older.

On average, a male golfer loses one yard of driving distance per year after he turns 40.

Female Golfers

Female Golfers

As expected, female golfers average less off the tee than male golfers, but the trends are similar between gender when looking at driving distance by handicap.

A USGA study shows a difference of almost 77 yards between top amateur female golfers – those with a handicap of less than six – and those in the highest category, a handicap of 29 or higher.

The most skilled amateur female golfers are also the longest, averaging just under 200 yards in driving distance. That average drops about 20 yards for every handicap threshold the USGA used until reaching the ’29 and higher’ category, which averages about 120 yards off the tee.

Professional Golfers

It’s not wise to compare professional golfers to recreational golfers, especially in driver distance, as they can maximize their swing speed and efficiency for incredible total length. However, it’s still fun to see just how far the pros can hit it. Remember that the data used for these professionals is captured differently than for amateurs.

PGA Tour

The average driver distance on the PGA Tour is just under 300 yards. That means the average PGA Tour player hits his drive 85 yards farther than the average male golfer hits theirs.

It was a tight race at the top, but Cameron Champ led the PGA Tour in driving distance during the 2021-22 season, averaging 321.4 yards off the tee. He beat out World No. 1 Rory McIlroy by just 0.1 yards.

DP World Tour

The average DP World Tour player hits the ball about 297 yards off the tee in 2022. Seventy-five players currently average over 300 yards. South Africa’s Wilco Nienaber currently leads the tour in driving distance, coming in at over 328 yards per drive.


Female professional golfers might hit it shorter than their male professional counterparts, but they still hit it considerably farther than the average golfer. 130 LPGA Tour players averaged over 250 yards off the tee, while 162 of the 169 players measured averaged over 240 yards, which is farther than even the best average male golfers were measured at.

France’s Anne van Dam leads the way in average driving distance at just under 280 yards.

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