REVIEW: Awesome Golf Map

A Cool Map for Your Golf Room
As much as I like golf stuff, I find it difficult to decorate an office, game room, den or man cave with golf stuff.  Even when I go to pro-shops, they too appear to have issues finding good golf stuff to put on the walls.  There are some posters, gear or other accessories that might work, but it is a real struggle.  I found an Awesome Golf Map is a pretty cool way to decorate your “golf room”.
Awesome Maps makes over 25 different maps for a variety of activities.  One of their offerings is a golf map.  The Awesome Golf Map shows you the very best in the world of golf. Over 400 courses including information about course style, signature holes, water hazards as well as major championships and Ryder Cup history.  It is a colorful collection of map and course information.  The poster version is a nice 38″ x 22″ on thick matte paper.  This size doesn’t fit in a normal poster frame so that is kind of a bummer.  It is shipped out of Germany and comes securely and safely in tube packaging.  They also offer a canvas version if you want to upgrade the look.

While I don’t know your style or preferences, I think this Awesome Golf Map makes a cool conversation piece and has some real potential when planning your next golf trip.  I don’t suggest using it as a dart board, but maybe pointing at it blindly and choosing that destination for your next buddy trip could be cool.  It also might open your eyes to some well known courses that you didn’t realize were within driving distance or you might explore some of the more exotic locations and what they would offer for golf.

I like maps and awesome maps makes a really cool golf version.  It is cool, classy and could be very useful, not only for decorating your golf room, but for planning your next golf trip.  It is more than just a map with all the great information found on it also.  If you need a golf themed decoration, check out the Awesome Golf Map.

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Quick Hits:
+Nice quality
+Cool facts
+Good looking

–Only one size option that doesn’t fit a standard frame