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Features and Functions at 1/2 the Price

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My clubs rested during 4 rounds  of golf in an Axglo A181 Cart Bag.  It rode on a power cart and the Axglo E5 Electric Trolley.  It has all the features and functions of bags that cost twice as much.  It has some of my favorite details that are missing in other bags and brands.  If you want a no frills functional cart bag, this is a great choice at 1/2 the price of others.     

This is the my Axglo A181 Cart Bag Review for 2023.


Axglo is a Canadian company that is making headways into the US market with their push carts, electric push carts and golf bags.  They offer high quality products at a lower price point than the larger OEM brand names.  They are able to answer the question:  If I want to be X product, but want to find a better price what would I buy?  Axglo is an excellent choice. The Axglo A181 Cart Bag came as part of a combo with the Axglo E5 Electric Push Cart.  It proves the answer to that question is true.  This cart bag has all the functions and features of much more expensive bags.  It even has some that aren’t found in other bags that I’ve found really nice.


The Axglo A181 Cart Bag has my favorite configuration for dividers.  The 14 full length divided top keeps all the clubs separate and organized.  What I like even more about what Axglo did is putting the putter tube on the side so that this bag actually holds 15 clubs.  That extra slot is great in AZ for a “desert club” and/or ball retriever.  The large tube is big enough for oversized putter grips so it functions well even with large grips.  I found the full length dividers and top size to be plenty big so that no clubs got “stuck” on the way in or out of the bag.


The Axglo A181 Cart Bag has 8 pockets; 2 on the spine, 3 on the left side and 3 on the right side.  The side pockets are symmetrical and similar in size.  The bottom spine pocket function nicely for golf balls, rangefinder, and other accessories.  The top spine pocket is a very large “cooler” pocket that can hold plenty of cold beverages for a round of golf.  The side pockets can hold cell-phones, wallets, keys in a waterproof velour lined one, and more golf ball, shoes, rain gear, etc. in the other ones.  Sometimes golfers forget about zippers, but they are key element to the function of a bag, and the large pulls of these zippers make them very easy to open and close which is very nice on the course to avoid frustration with your golf bag.


The Axglo A181 Cart Bag has all the little details that I like to have in cart bag, some that others have gone away from.  There is a plastic 3 ball holder on the spine which is actually quite nice.  You don’t have to search or dig around for a ball if one “mysteriously” disappears in the lake or woods during your round.   The exterior tee holder is nice so you don’t stab your fingers while digging for one.  The glove dual Velcro is nice to keep your glove ready and aired out.  The umbrella holder keeps that accessory safe and sound for 18 holes with almost entirely inside the pocket. It also has dual carabiner clips for your towel as well as a loop to hook your rangefinder on the side of the bag. Have this on both sides is nice when on a riding cart so you can keep your stuff out of the way of your partners bag.  The handle are well placed and molded so that you can easily and firmly grip and move the bag from car to cart and bag again.


Taking the Axglo A181 Cart Bag to the course is when all the features of the bag are put to the test.  I strapped it into the E5 Electric Cart and away we went.  I found the design of the A181 to be first designed for a push cart based on the slant of the top, but it also functions just as well on a riding cart.  Everything rode in place and the bag stayed securely on the push cart without rocking or twisting.  The big zipper pulls are nice, the cooler pocket worked well and the clubs went in and out of the bag easily.  It is fairly lightweight so it was easy to lift from trunk to cart and back to trunk again.  The balance and stability of the base also means this bag stands up straight without fear of it tipping over which is great when the cart attendants handle your bag and don’t always take the same care you would when setting it down on the ground.


The Axglo A181 Cart Bag has a function over form quality about it.  This isn’t going to win any beauty pageants.  They offer it in 5 different colors and they all have some nice “pop” to them, but they aren’t exactly modern in terms of style.  You can coordinate the accent colors with your favorite colors, headcovers, push cart, etc, but probably not going to get too many “wows” at the golf course about the style of this bag.  It isn’t bad nor is it ugly, it is about function first and foremost.  This is ok too, since not everything we carry or use for golf has to stand out in a crowd.  Sometimes it is nice to just blend in which the Axglo A181 Cart Bag does nicely. 


The Axglo A181 Cart Bag is bag full of features and functions at 1/2 the price of most other bags.  If you want a no frills bag that offers everything a golfer needs during a round of golf, the Axglo A181 cart bag has 15 club slots, all full length dividers, 8 pockets and a whole bunch of accessory holders and slots.  You can have everything at the ready and in its place for all 18 holes.  It is lightweight for easy use and durable for longevity.  The zippers are easy to open and close so the overall cart bag experience is pleasant. If you need a new cart bag, but don’t to to break the bank yet still have all the features and function, the Axglo A181 is the bag for you.

For more information: Axglo Website

Axglo A181 Cart Bag – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: Axglo is a Canadian company bursting into the US market with great products at excellent prices. The A181 Cart bag is a perfect example of features and functions at 1/2 the price of comparable bags.

  • ✅  Pros: 14-way top w/ full length dividers + Putter tube, 8 pockets, 5 color choices, Molded plastic top handles, Cooler pocket, Easy access pockets, Big zipper pulls, Lightweight, Great price.

  • ⛔  Cons: Lacking style.

  • ⛳  Verdict: If you need to upgrade your cart bag without breaking the bank, the Axglo A181 Cart Bag is an excellent option with all of its features and functions.


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