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Golf is More Fun With an Easy Push Cart

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I rolled the Axglo V2 Push Cart for a number of times on the course for some winter golf in AZ.  It is easy to push, easy to fold, and walking with a push cart makes golf more fun.  The Axglo V2 offers a well designed, easy to use, fully functioning push cart.    

This is the my Axglo V2 Push Cart Review for 2023.


I can enjoy golf walking, push cart, w/ a caddie, riding, or biking; but I think my favorite way to golf is walking with a push cart. I like the combination of walking without the weight of the bag on my back, the pace of play and not having to pay fees and tips.  I’ve been using a push cart for well over 12 years now and it certainly is my favorite way to play golf.  Winters in AZ are the perfect time to walk since the rates are up and the temps are down.  It allow for an enjoyable walk, much like the summer weather of many other parts of the country.  I was able to take the Axglo V2 Push Cart to the course a number of times for some most enjoyable rounds of golf.

The Axglo V2 is a compact 3 wheel push cart which has 2 levers for folding and unfolding.  It is very easy to set up once you release those levers, pull to unfold and lock the levers.  It is ready to go.  You do need to make decision on the front wheel whether you want it locked or pivoting.  It is a simple slide to keep the wheel in place. A swiveling front wheel makes pushing/steering the cart with one hand(even one finger) very easy.  It takes virtually no effort to push and steer this tri-swivel cart.

The Axglo V2 Push Cart is very sturdy when opened.  It balances very nicely with the wheel under the bag.  The adjustable handle means that you can get everything dialed in for comfortable pushing.  The handle is nicely wrapped in a ribbed foam/rubber which is soft to the touch, but appears to be very durable.  It isn’t the lightest cart I have, but not heavy either.  It can be picked up with one hand when folded to get in and out of the trunk.

The Axglo V2 Push Cart offers the most glove box storage of any cart I’ve used with its dual compartments.  Each one is deep, functional, and covered.  I really like being able to separate the gear I want to get at regularly from the stuff I want to keep handy, but maybe only need once or twice around.  I also like that I can keep my phone handy, but without it bouncing around against keys, balls, etc.  I can load up the other pocket, even keeping a pull-over in it, just in case the weather is changing rapidly throughout the round.  The umbrella holder is next to the handle, the pencil holder is on top of the 2nd glove box along with the slot that holds the score card.  The magnets are strong enough to keep the covers down, but not too strong so they are still easy to open.   There are holes to hold 4 tees at the ready also.

The Axglo V2 Push Cart uses a lever brake which engages dual pins; one in each back wheel to stop the cart.  This system is strong and effective.  Sometimes single wheel brakes don’t have enough holding power on hill.  These however are very strong and keep the cart locked in place no matter the wind, weight or hill (within reason).  It is on the side so you might not notice the brake is on when you start to push, but quickly it will become obvious and you can flip the lever easily to release.

The bag is held onto the Axglo V2 Push Cart with bungee straps that have a hook on one side and a bar on the other which lock together nicely.  The iGolfReviews Vessel Bags that I used on the cart are both big and small.  I used the large cart bag and it rode securely and yet the skinnier stand bag also locked into position and stayed there the entire round.  I didn’t need to adjust or twist the bag back into place while playing 18 holes.

The Axglo V2 Push Cart has what they call the Tri-swivel 360 degree front wheel.  It spins nicely and easily so that you can push and street this cart with 1 finger.  95% of the time this makes pushing and steering easier than stationary wheeled carts.  However I did learn that on hills the cart will be hard to steer since the front wheel just keeps wanting to follow gravity.  Axglo has the solution for that too, just slide the front button down to lock the wheel in the straight position.  (this is also a good idea when folding up the cart too).   Then the wheels work like any other 3 wheel push cart, making navigating hills much easier.

The Axglo V2 Push Cart comes with everything you need right out of the box.  Cup holder, umbrella holder, pencil holder, score card holder.  It comes in three frame color options which you can mix and match with their 4 rim color choices.  This allows you to personalize the cart, which for me was an easy combo, black with red.  It matches the IGolfReviews logo perfectly.  Since it is very light it is easy to assemble, use and transport.  It is compact enough to fit in the back of my MINI with my bag and clubs.


The Axglo V2 Push Cart is an excellent option for walkers looking to push their clubs around during their rounds of golf.  It really does make golf more fun while walking without the weight on your back.  The V2 is lightweight, easy to fold, easy to steer, has tons of storage space and is sturdy and durable.  I’m impressed by this cart.

For more information:

Axglo V2 Push Cart – KEY POINTS
  • ℹ️  About: The Axglo V2 Push Cart is a high quality push cart which has all the features you want to make walking 18 holes fun and easy.

  • ✅  Pros: Lighweight, Easy fold dual latchs, Sturdy, Great dual brakes, multiple color combinations, Stable, Tri-swivel front wheel, Locking front wheel.

  • ⛔  Cons: Canadian brand is still unfamiliar in the US.

  • ⛳  Verdict: If you want to enjoy the walk with a solid full function, easy pushing, easy steering, easy folding cart, the Axglo V2 is one of the better models on the market. I'm impressed by the quality of build and on-course function of this 3 wheel push cart.


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