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Baicycle Quest 1 ST

I traveled around my neighborhood, went off-road and played some golf with my Baicycle Quest 1 ST E-Bike.  This E-bike is built for adventures.  It has power and battery life to conquer any terrain while staying compact, lightweight and super easy to ride. In an emerging E-Bike market, the Baicycle Quest 1 ST has strong racks, lots of torque, and a compact frame making it perfect for exploring.

This is the my definitive review of the Baicycle Quest 1 ST E-Bike for 2024.

Baicycle Quest 1 ST

E-Bike Built for Adventure

My first bike as an adult was a mountain bike.  Back then bike were being built to tackle hills, bumps, trails with aggressive tires and shocks.  While purists still believe that pedal power is the real way to bike, E-Bikes are taking over the bicycle industry because of their range and ease of use.  I love being able to go on a long ride with boost and assistance if I get tired.   The Baicycle Quest 1 ST E-Bike is an E-bike built for adventure.  It is incredible versatile for whatever adventure your day brings.  It has 3″ fat tires, folds compact, great battery life, strong racks and is lighter than some bikes making it easier to use and a step through frame.

Quest Power

Not all E-bikes use their power the same way.  If you’ve been in the market for an E-bike you might have noticed how it seems like they all have the same power rating.  However how that power is applied varies from bike to bike.  The Baicycle Quest 1 ST E-Bike applies the power and torque quickly so that when you need a boost it happens quickly.  There is not easing into the power.  While if you are just commuting around town that might be fine, but out in the dirt that quick, aggressive power is awesome for tackling mountains. The twist throttle or pedal boost options allow you to make use of the power when you need it most, but pedal normally if you can do it without assistance.


The Baicycle Quest 1 ST E-Bike is built for adventure with 3″ fat tires, a 62 mile range, 750watt rear hub (with 1000watt peak power), 7 gears, 5 speeds, and lightweight foldable frame.   It has nice LCD display for information about speed, settings, etc.  It also comes with a headlight and taillights for riding when it gets dark (they are turned on and off by the app).  The seat rides on top of the battery and has adjustable height.  The only feature it doesn’t have that I’d love to see for taller riders is an adjustable height handlebar.  It can be adjusted for how upright you want it, but not actual height.  This bike is my wife’s favorite E-bike because of how compact it rides and lightweight it is.  I love it for a more BMX like bike experience which takes me back to my childhood days.  You can really “ride” this bike on dirt. The scooter twist throttle is really responsive and has lots of power at your disposal.  The scooter mode has full power available no matter what speed the pedal boost is set at.

E-Bike As A Golf Cart?

The Baicycle Quest 1 ST E-Bike is not designed specifically for golf, but because it is built for hauling, the Divnick Bag Carrier works well on the back rack.  This turns the Quest 1 ST into a golf cart.  Once you have the attachment all dialed into this bike it serves as the kickstand for easy on and off each time you want to hit a shot.  While golf courses are slow in adopting and accepting E-Bike carts, it is super enjoyable when they do.  I can play golf very quickly in an E-bike and with the Quest 1 ST (Step Through) it is very easy to hop and and off the bike.  The power of this bike and torque meant I barely even noticed my bag was back there.  I could ride to and from the course with the clubs also.  I believe it really is the future of golf as more and more E-bike are out there, ones like the Baicycle Quest 1 ST E-Bike will speed up the game, allow golfers to bring their own cart and reduce wear and tear on the course.  The 3″ tires ride softly on the grass without damaging any of the playing surfaces. 


I write golf reviews and all products I test come from a golf related approach, but the Baicycle Quest 1 ST E-Bike is far more useful off the course.  It is perfect for any adventure off the course because of the power and hauling capabilities.  If you want to make use of the front or rear rack you need to buy baskets from some other e-bike accessory store; Baicycle doesn’t sell any.  However it is built to haul big and heavy items.  It is lighter than many other E-Bikes and is compact when folded you can actually throw it in the trunk, hatch or truck bed.  Even my wife could do that which she really liked compared to the heavier bikes we have.  The size makes it feel more sporty almost like a BMX bike so that control while riding so you make better use of the power rather than feel like you are holding on for dear life.

Price Point

The Baicycle Quest 1 ST E-bike costs about $1600 with the current discount they are running.  This seems like the “normal” price for many other e-bikes.  I know it is starting to feel like a crowded are market with difficulty deciding which E-Bike might be best for you.  The Baicycle offers really good features, versatility and adventure for the price.  I think the lighter weight, quick torque, long battery life, compact frame and small folded footprint, yet lots of hauling ability makes this a worth the price.  If you really make use of this E-Bike you will find how versatile and useful it is every day on or off road.


The Baicycle Quest 1 ST E-Bike is built for adventure.  It is awesome on or off the course.  It offers amazing power, lower weight, compact fold and excellent battery life.  I think that Baicycle created a versatile, functional and fun E-Bike that can really tackle any terrain or adventure.  It also has high capacity so that you can really load it up for a longer adventure while still having a ton of power and storage.  The BMX style gives it a sporty feel and control while riding it.  If you haven’t got yourself an E-Bike yet, I highly recommend this compact, lighter weight, powerful, adventure ready E-Bike by Biacycle.   

For more information: Baicycle Website and Divnick Website.

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