Review: Ben Hogan VKTR Hybrid

More Confidence than a Mid-Iron
Would you rather have a 155 yard or a 200 yard par 3? I’m sure most golfers would rather have the shorter distance for a par 3. But I have to admit, since adding the Ben Hogan VKTR hybrid to the bag, I’d actually prefer the 200 yard par 3. This club hits just as easy and is just as accurate as an iron. Plus I have more confidence with this hybrid behind the ball than just about any other club in the bag.

Ben Hogan has been reborn under the guidance of Terry Koehler. His previous wedges (Eidolon and Scor) were very good and the new Ben Hogan line is outstanding. The introduction last year of the new Ft. Worth Iron line was great and this years additions of the PTx irons and VKTR hybrids are even better. One staple of the entire Ben Hogan line is the ability to get clubs in exact lofts. Most companies make clubs in standard lofts leaving gaps in sets. But with every loft available in these hybrids from 17*-27* you can dial in your hybrids to your exact needs. I went through the online fitting and found out for best gapping in my bag, a 19* would fit me best. It was spot on.

The Ben Hogan VKTR hybrid has many great features to talk about, but to me one of the the most important features is the sole design. While it looks relatively flat, it has the V-Sole like all their clubs have which makes for better turf interaction which results in better ball contact on every shot from any lie. The beveled front edge keeps the leading edge from digging, yet the very bottom of the club keeps a smooth transition through the ball with trailing edge relief for a clean exit. I could hit this club from any lie, except super thick rough.
The Ben Hogan VKTR Hybrid also has 4 moveable weights. One 18 gram and three 2 gram weights. If you want to change the feel and direction, place the 18 gram weight along the perimeter for different performance characteristics. I did prefer it either in the toe or sole. I found those 2 places gave me the best results. If I was hook swinging, then the toe, and if I was hitting it straight I liked the sole best. There are only 4 combinations so give them all a try and see what you like best. You never know until you try.

The Ben Hogan VKTR hybrid has a tall toe shape that sits nicely behind the ball. It has that slight iron face appearance when you look down at it. The 2 tones of black create a nice frame work for the ball and makes it easy to line up. There is minimal off-set which also makes for a clean look at address. The compact head has a very solid feel. The crack at impact is a well balanced tone between muted and hollow. It’s nice to get the pop feeling from a hybrid without getting fairway wood feeling.

The stock iRod 75 shaft is excellent too. I remember back to the first time I had one of those a few years back and how much I liked it. This one is no different other than a smoother feeling and a sleeker look. But still that firm consistent kick into the ball that keeps the flight very manageable. You can hit low shots or high shots or something in between with just a couple minor adjustments.

Flightscope X2 Launch Monitor

Ben Hogan VKTR 19* Hybrid

  • Spin: 4977 rpms
  • Launch Angle: 17.2*
  • Dispersion: 3.4 yds
  • Club Head Speed: 93.7 mph
  • Ball Speed: 134.9 mph
  • Total Distance:  209.2 yds
  • Carry Distance:  203.6 yds
Numbers, stats, feel, adjustablity; they all are great, but the Ben Hogan VKTR hybrid delivered on the course. Like I mentioned in the first paragraph, if there was a reason to get this club in my hands, I wanted to hit it. In my 5 rounds, every time there was a 200 yard-ish par 3, I hit the green. If there is a narrow fairway or tight shot that I just need to get the ball in play, this will be the club I choose. If you are looking for a long iron replacement club that you can be confident in, the Ben Hogan VKTR hybrid is for you. Go to their online fitting and dial in exactly which loft is best for you.

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Quick Hits
+V-Sole for superior turf interaction
+Excellent feel
+Great consistency
+Good looks
+Every loft from 17-27 available

–Limited demo opportunities