Best Driver for Slice 2023

The unfortunate truth is that most amateur golfers struggle with a slice off the tee.

Our favorite driver for a slice is the Ping G425 SFT. The Ping G425 line is known far and wide for its forgiving nature, and the G425 SFT features “Straight Flight Technology” to reduce a player’s likelihood of hitting a slice!

Thankfully, modern golf equipment manufacturers and engineers have developed some of the best drivers for combatting a slice we’ve ever seen in 2023.

Best Driver for Slice 2023




  • 23 gram Heel Weight

  • No Up Charge Shaft Options

  • Adjustable Driver Loft Option



Cobra LTDx MAX

  • Tons of Performance Boosting Technology

  • 8 Different Loft and Lie Settings



TaylorMade Stealth HD

  • Faster Ball Speed

  • "Twist Face" Helps Players Hit More Fairways

  • Forgiving on Low Face Strikes

8 Best Drivers for a Slice 2023

  1. PING G425 SFT (Best Driver For Slice)
  2. Cobra LTDx MAX (Adjustable Close Second)
  3. TaylorMade Stealth HD (Draw Bias & Distance Boosting)
  4. Callaway Rogue ST MAX (Very Forgiving)
  5. Titleist TSi1 (Most Adjustable)
  6. Mizuno ST-X 220 (Beautiful Draw Bias Driver)
  7. Cleveland Launcher XL Lite Draw (Criminally Underrated)
  8. Wilson Launch Pad (Budget Friendly Anti Slice Driver)

A slice has the least amount of distance of any ball flight, it’s very difficult to aim properly when expecting slice spin, and can quickly feel completely uncontrollable, leading to frustration and poor scoring on the golf course.

Our list of the best drivers for a slice includes “draw bias” drivers, offset drivers, and drivers build to create a straight ball flight.

Stick around to the end of our breakdown, where we talk about our favorite features from the best anti-slice drivers and hopefully help you pick up a few extra yards off the tee.

1. PING G425 SFT (Best Driver for Slice)


Nicknamed the “Slice Stopper” by many, the G425 SFT from PING is our favorite pick for an anti-slice driver in 2023.

“SFT” stands for “Straight Flight Technology.” PING engineers understand most golfers miss to their “dexterity side,” meaning right-handed golfers tend to miss to the right, and for left-handed golfers the opposite is usually true.

The G425 SFT’s heavy 23 gram Tungsten weight at the rear heel side of the driver’s head makes it virtually impossible to create a slice regardless of your swing.

In testing, we could not create a slice no matter how hard we tried!

To save weight and allow more mass to be put in that rear anti-slice head weight, PING redesigned their “Dragonfly Crown” on the G425 lineup, strategically thinning out areas of the head while still keeping the driver very stable feeling for users.

Interestingly, the G425 SFT is only available for purchase in a loft option of 10.5 degrees but is adjustable up or down (+/-) 1.5 degrees to better meet the trajectory needs of whoever is playing it.

Every driver in the PING G425 line share proven PING driver innovations, including “turbulators” on the top of the driver’s head to reduce aerodynamic drag for faster swing speeds and a “T9S+” forged face that accelerates face flexing for greater distance and ball speed.

The standard shaft options of the G425 SFT at purchase are the Alta CB 55 Slate or the Alta Distanza 40, but PING goes above and beyond competitors by offering dozens of “no upcharge” shaft options. With no upcharge, we encourage you to get fitted for the proper shaft if you’re purchasing this driver.

PING also includes the Arccos Caddie Smart Grips as a free option with purchase so players can get live swing-by-swing data sent from the grip to the Arccos Caddie App for more analytical practice.

If you’re tired of watching a slice off the tee and want to gain a bit more distance without having to change any part of your swing, please consider the PING G425 SFT driver.

Key Features

  • 23 gram Heel Weight

  • No Up Charge Shaft Options

  • Adjustable Driver Loft Option

2. Cobra LTDx MAX (Highly Adjustable Driver)

Cobra LTDx MAX

The Cobra LTDx MAX is loaded with performance-boosting technology aimed to increase forgiveness and provide a draw bias ball flight with low spin for more distance.

The LTDx MAX is available in the standard 9.0, 10.5, and 12.0 degree loft increments, but each option has eight (8!) different loft and lie angle settings for further fine-tuning adjustability.

The LTDx MAX driver shares the same extreme distance and forgiveness as the standard LTDx model but features added heel weighting for players seeking a draw or hoping to avoid a slice.

Cobra implements the use of “PWR-COR,” or a multi-material weighting system low and forward in the club head that creates lower spin and faster ball speed.

Cobra also uses “HOT Face Technology, ” a variable thickness design that creates 15 different “Hot Zones” across the club face, enlarging the sweet spot.

The LTDx MAX features two adjustable weights (10 gram and 3 gram) in the heel and rear of the club head that can be moved to promote even more draw bias to the club.

The overall look of the LTDx MAX has been refined to be more traditional, something not very common with Cobra clubs. The top line has also been shaped to allow players a little easier alignment.

The multi-material head design is the last performance-enhancing technology in the Cobra LTDx MAX. Cobra uses a Carbon crown and sole with a Titanium “Speed Frame” that puts weight on the perimeter of the club head, increasing MOI and providing more forgiveness.

If a straighter ball flight, more distance, and a draw bias sounds like it could benefit your game, you should check out the Cobra LTDx MAX driver.

Key Features

  • Tons of Performance Boosting Technology

  • 8 Different Loft and Lie Settings

3. TaylorMade Stealth HD (Draw Bias and Distance Boosting)

TaylorMade Stealth HD

The new Stealth HD driver for TaylorMade is built for players looking to reduce a miss to the right.

While there are three different drivers in the Stealth line, the Stealth HD (High Draw) model is the most effective anti-slice driver TaylorMade has created.

TaylorMade has designed this driver to specifically create a high launch, mid spin, and maximum draw bias ball flight.

Like all Stealth drivers, the Stealth HD features TaylorMades famous “60X Carbon Twist Face” that’s 44% lighter than other drivers’ titanium faces while also being 11% larger than SIM2 and SIM2 Max drivers.

The increase in overall face size increases forgiveness and boosts overall MOI, while the 60 layers of carbon fiber not only optimize energy transfer to deliver faster ball speeds but also save weight in the design process.

By utilizing the weight savings from the face design, TaylorMade engineers shifted the “Inertia Generator” (internal weighting) closer to the heel for more draw bias while maintaining that the Stealth HD is the highest MOI (most forgiving) driver in the Stealth family.

“Twist Face” is how TaylorMade describes their exaggerated “bulge” low on the heel and high on the toe, designed to help poorly hit strikes end up in the fairway.

The aerodynamic head shape of the Stealth HD increases swing speed and works in conjunction with the “Thru Slot Speed Pocket” built into the head design to maximize ball speeds and produce additional forgiveness on low-face strikes.

The Stealth HD is available in 9.0, 10.5, and 12.0 degree loft options but is fully adjustable to meet the specific launch needs of every player and comes with a Fujikura Air Speeder 45 as their standard stock graphite shaft.

If increased ball speed, a draw bias, and boosted forgiveness sounds like it could benefit your tee box performance, consider the TaylorMade Stealth HD.

Key Features

  • Faster Ball Speed

  • "Twist Face" Helps Players Hit More Fairways

  • Forgiving on Low Face Strikes

4. Callaway Rogue ST MAX (Very Forgiving)

Callaway Rogue ST MAX

The Callaway Rogue ST MAX is available in the three standard loft options (9.0, 10.5, 12 degrees) but is adjustable up 2 degrees, down a single degree, or can be put into a slightly upright position that promotes a draw bias.

Callaway offers the Rogue ST MAX with the player’s option of a premium Tensei Blue, Tensei White, or Project X Cypher shaft.

Callaway has implemented a new “Tungsten Speed Cartridge” in the Rogue ST Max that places 26 grams of Tungsten low and deep in the driver’s head. This increases speed on off-center hits and provides more forgiveness by boosting the MOI.

Callaway has finely tuned the construction, shaping, and positioning of their patented AI-designed “Jail Break Speed Frame” design to provide horizontal stability behind the club face, reducing twisting on off-center strikes.

The precise Titanium unibody construction of the Callaway ST MAX driver heads provides stability and lowers the center of gravity, while the “Triaxial Carbon” crown and sole save weight.

By saving weight in the design process, Callaway engineers were able to properly redistribute the weight to increase forgiveness with a high launch and a slight draw bias.

We always encourage readers to try the products before purchasing if they’re able to.

If the slight draw bias of the Rogue ST MAX isn’t enough to correct your slice in testing, consider the Rogue ST MAX D, which features even more of a draw bias design. We found the standard Rogue ST MAX to have enough draw bias for most players struggling with a slice to see massive improvement.

Key Features

  • Has Adjustability for More Draw Bias

  • Premium Shaft Options for No Additional Charge

5. Titleist TSi1 (Moderate Swing Speed Paradise and Most Adjustable)

Titleist TSi1

The Titleist TSi1 is designed to give maximum distance to players with moderate to slower swing speeds with a slight draw bias built into the shaft design.

The combination of exceptionally lightweight materials used in construction and a deep, face-centered center of gravity increase launch and provide improved ball speed for users.

Titleist uses “ATI 425 Aerospace Titanium” as the material for the face. It’s incredibly strong while being very lightweight, so it improves feel and sound at the same time.

The standard shaft with the purchase of the Titleist TSi1 is the Aldila ASCENT shaft. Aldila uses a new “FlyDrive Technology” that improves the shafts’ stability, feel, and strength at a very light weight. Aldila also uses “Focused Mass Technology,” a precision weighting system that promotes a better turn through the ball at impact for stronger, straighter ball flight and a slight draw bias.

The TSi1 is available in 9.0, 10.0, and 12.5 degree loft increments, but by using a “SureFit” hosel, the TSi1 is fully adjustable with 16 independent loft and lie settings. If that adjustability wasn’t enough, the TSi1 also features adjustable head weights that range from -4g to 4g.

If extreme adjustability with a shaft built to help you hit the ball straighter could benefit your game, consider the Titleist TSi1.

Key Features

  • For Moderate to Slower Swing Speed

  • Highly Adjustable

  • Shafts Provide Draw Bias and Straight Ball Flight

6. Mizuno ST-X 220 (Beautiful Draw Bias Driver)

Mizuno ST-X 220

The Mizuno ST-X 220 driver is made for golfers who want more distance, power and draw to their ball flight.

The ST-X 220 is available in 10.5 and 12.0 degrees of loft but is fully adjustable up or down 2 degrees for actual 8.5-12.5 degree or 10.0-14.5 degree loft options.

First and foremost, this is likely the most aesthetically pleasing anti-slice driver option on our list today. Mizuno’s ST 220 line all features a high gloss black finish and looks beautiful when set up to the ball.

Mizuno wanted to increase forgiveness with the ST-X 220, so they started by expanding the Carbon sole and thinning out the Titanium sections to save weight. This weight-saving design allowed Mizuno engineers to make the rear weight twice as heavy to boost forgiveness on off-center strikes.

Mizuno’s “X-Axis” design is what gives the club its high draw bias. This is what Mizuno calls the weight they’ve focused deep internally in the heel of the club.

The ST-X 220 has a forged SAT2041 Beta Ti Face that works with Mizunos optimized “WAVE Technology” on the underside of the club head to increase ball speeds for longer drives.

Lastly, thanks to Mizuno’s “Harmonic Impact Research,” they are able to isolate vibrations to provide better feedback to players.

If a draw bias driver with faster ball speeds sounds like it could benefit your game, consider the Mizuno ST-X 220.

Key Features

  • Loft Adjustable +/- 2 Degrees

  • Beautiful Looking Design

  • Heavy Rear Weight Adds Forgiveness

7. Cleveland Launcher XL Lite Draw (Criminally Underrated)

Cleveland Launcher XL Lite Draw

While Cleveland isn’t thought of first in the driver equipment world, their Launcher XL Lite Draw driver shouldn’t go without notice.

The Launcher XL Lite driver is designed for slower to moderate swing speed players looking to launch the ball higher with more distance and control than any other Cleveland driver.

Like our top pick, the G425 SFT, the Launcher XL Lite Draw driver is only available in 10.5 degrees of loft and does not feature an adjustable hosel.

The Launcher XL driver head itself is huge looking when placed at address and sounds very responsive at impact.

The Launcher XL Lite driver is 12 grams lighter and 1/4 inch longer than the adjustable Launcher XL to naturally help players swing the club faster for more ball speed and more distance.

The XL Lite driver also features what Cleveland calls a “Rebound Frame,” which is two different flex zones (one in the face and one in the body of the club) that work in sequence to direct more of your impact energy into the golf ball.

In our opinion, for the slower to moderate swing speed players, this driver is criminally overlooked.

If you want to boost your distance and accuracy without having to change a thing besides your equipment, you should consider the Cleveland Launcher XL Lite Draw driver.

Key Features

  • Massive Head Makes Ball Look Tiny

  • Easy To Hit and Swing

  • Not Adjustable

8. Wilson Launch Pad (Budget Friendly Anti Slice Driver)

Wilson Launch Pad

Rounding out our list of the best drivers for a slice is the Wilson Launch Pad.

The Launch Pad is a very lightweight driver that is built for players looking to swing the club a bit faster and also avoid the slice miss.

The Launch Pad gets its draw bias from four primary characteristics:

  1. The internal heel weighting moves the center of gravity towards the shaft and promotes a draw.

  2. The naturally offset club head angle of the Launch Pad helps close the club face through impact.

  3. The Launch Pad sits 2 degrees upright to set players up for a more left swing path.

  4. The club face sits slightly closed naturally at address, helping players who slice the ball leaving the face wide open.

The club face of the Launch Pad XL drivers is made using a variable thickness design that Cleveland says delivers high ball speed at launch angles across the entirety of the face.

Wilson offers the Launch Pad in loft options of 10.5 or 13.0 degrees and uses a UST-Mamiya Helium graphite shaft as the standard stock shaft option.

The entire driver itself weighs 232 grams which is substantially less than the majority of drivers out there, perfect for players who struggle to keep their energy up throughout a round or those looking to have something easier to swing when on the tee box.

If you’re looking for a driver to boost your distance, allow you to hit power draws, and help you hit more fairways, you should consider the Wilson Launch Pad driver.

Key Features

  • Heavy Draw Bias Technology

  • Very Lightweight

Our Favorite Features in Anti-Slice Drivers

Heel Weighting

Drivers with added heel weighting are specifically designed to both have a draw bias and reduce a player’s likelihood of hitting a slice. If you struggle with a slice and are in the market for a new driver, an emphasis on heel weighting should be top of mind for you to pay attention to.

In our list, we included the Ping G425 SFT, the Cobra LTDx MAX, and the Wilson Launch Pad that all feature enhanced heel weighting.

Adjustability (Adjustable Hosel Options)

Having an adjustable hosel that allows you to play and tinker with your ball flight characteristics is fantastic for players who enjoy the process of getting better.

If you’re the type of player that likes to finely tune their driver hitting experience, you should consider the PING G425 SFT, Cobra LTDx MAX, TaylorMade Stealth HD, Callaway Rogue ST MAX, Titleist TSi1, Mizuno ST-X 220, or the Cleveland Launcher XL Lite Draw drivers.

Shaft Technology

As driver technology continues getting better and better, shaft technology is consistently rising right along with it.

For drivers with premium shafts at no additional up charge, we included the PING G425 SFT and the Callaway Rogue ST MAX, and for a shaft explicitly built to help you draw the ball, consider the Titleist TSi1 with the Aldila ASCENT shaft that features “Focused Mass Technology” to help players draw the ball easier.

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